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The purpose of this journal entry is to address a matter which spiraled out of control to the point of severe harassment and disrespect. Ever since our brother left us, our patience grew thin and many emotions came to the surface. We cannot tolerate any forms of disrespect and harassment. This matter was bought to our attention due to reasons we will address, and we are not in a good mood... We are addressing this not because of us, but because of users who were victims. We were trying to avoid doing this...because we normally do not do this...but it must be done.

The user, :iconyamilovesyugi654: had purposely stolen art from many users (including some of ours that we never gave permission to, but we are more upset that she stolen from many users) and did not ask for permission to use their pictures. Some of the users she stolen from had confronted her, but she responded with words of disrespect and even blocked the users to prevent them from exposing her actions. In addition, other users are not aware their art was stolen. Her comments in her deviations are disabled because it is a possibility users confronted in the section or she does not want her wrong actions to be exposed. She has history of harassing users who were closely associated with her. It does not matter if she credited on them...bottom line: She did not ask for PERMISSION. Do not attempt to confront her through note, you will be blocked by her.

The main reason why we are angry and disappointed...the user we mentioned...we thought she known better. Even typing up this letter is hurting our hearts...this is not what we wanted to see especially dealing with our loss... We give users a chance and time to redeem themselves, but it seems she is not going to walk the road to redemption. In the past, we did have a form of close association, but contact decreased between us on many days. According to users who had a closer association with her than us (one of them who contacted us who told us about this whole matter), her behavior is not new and she is unreasonable; they have proof of her harassment and disrespectful behavior. She attempted to formulate an apology in her journal entry, but saying "sorry" is not enough...especially after the damage she caused and still doing it... If one is truly sorry, they would never continue the actions that caused hurt and pain to others. To us, her apology is very empty. As soon as this matter was bought to our attention...we had ENOUGH. 

And will be unable to contact us because we blocked you.....
Until you fully evaluate your actions...and make adjustments...we will not say anything else to you. Anything you are dealing with in real life...does not justify your actions of harassment. Despite us going through many things in real life...we DO NOT force our anger onto innocent users. If your friends or your backup accounts decide to contact not attempt...we will IGNORE THEM. You have nothing to say to us. If you try to comment in this entry through your backup would not be a wise decision to do on your part...

We do not care how you view us in this entry...we are tired and seen enough harassment. This journal entry will serve as keeping record of everything she done.

Below is evidence of everything she's done up to date.

Users she harassed and/or stolen from: :iconsweetgirl333::iconyugilovesme::iconientina1234::iconherzydishtar::iconteanachan: (more will be added)…

Need to let this out.Alright.
I wanted to avoid doing this, but I have to call her out.
So Shelby is back at it.
This journal will explain it: 
I suggest reading it to better understand.
So I thought I talk to her even though I didn't want to
AT ALL. But I did, things went well when I explained I wanted to talk
normaly but she again brought up how I have her blocked on DA now I didn't screen shot it 
as it was a VERY repetitive. Now through her normal account she she said "HMPH" Then blocked 
me not to longer after, she clearly can't handle that I didn't want to deal with her. No one does.
So I messaged her other account.
Now I didn't take her insults to heart, she's an over grown child, but I wasn't
done telling her how I felt, I used another account of mine and tried again
to talk to her which you can image it planned out the same. I again tried talking to her 
but she won't ever listen.
Do your best to avoid her, her FB are in the comment section of t
This user has harassed many people including :iconyugixyamilove4ever: !
She has also taken art and drawn over it, adding things to it, or badly edited art that ISN'T HERS!
[Journal]- Rude people. Hi everyone. There is Ientina1234's friend. I do this journal on this account because I don't have an account by myself. 
 I would like to point that YamilovesYugi654 just doesn't want to leave Alexandra alone, not even when she is silent. There is the prove:
 Well... What is her f***ing problem? This is how an artist should talk on a site where is everyone enjoying art? If is that, then I SHOULD TOO DO WHAT THIS-THIS person does?! And Alexandra should too?! A-And every artist should too?! I know that many says she's a troll... But Alexandra was silent! From no where this person come and ask- ask that! *pointing to the screenshot*
 Alexandra cries. Is hurt. Because all she wanted was everyone happy. She did shut up and let this person say whatever because she have a big heart (broken big heart) for that person to be happy. I think no many of you would do let any bully/troll say whatever to you just for making them happy, ri
<da:thumb id="688268226"/> Sorry YamilovesYugi654, but I gotta do thisEdit 11/4/16: We all made up c:
Edit 11/3/2016: They deleted the journals and made new ones   my point still stands
EDIT: YamilovesYugi654's/Atem's4310 and AtemlovesHeba's/Heba12403 hate journals 
only prove my point, just saying XP and @AtemlovesHeba, you called Lily an asshole, and you started yelling at her first. You apologized, she accepted it, but then you blocked her for no reason. So no, you didn't want to be "buddies" with her.
Also, bringing up the far past won't do any favors for ya, I already apologized long ago for that. In addition, I practically begged for you forgiveness after I said something to you that was not intended as a personal attack, but you still did not listen.
I know there's a few sides to every story, and I support in posting it
What I have learned about YamiLovesYugi so farSo it all started for me when and posted these journals EVERYONE WE HAVE SOMEONE WE NEED TO REPORT!!! and Need to let this out.  Basically had been bullying and harassing other members and stealing and editing other people's artwork without permission. Yamixyugilove4ever had also identified as one of her accounts. had posted here [link] that she had just opened this account I checked the screenshots of https://yugixyamilo

<da:thumb id="7331916789238808"/> Screenshot 20170622 091857 By Ientina1234-dbdl9mh by Pastel-Cyborg<da:thumb id="3730988837658893"/> 19403632 1933123703678492 1202385348 O by Pastel-Cyborg 19451763 1933123707011825 423834946 O by Pastel-Cyborg
Screenshot 1 by CocoKanadeChan Screenshot 2 by CocoKanadeChan Screenshot 3 by CocoKanadeChan

Her Apology...but she is not sincere...because she did these disrespectful acts more than ONCE.

A user kept track of the multiple accounts

More will be added...

And now...we must leave to continue our hiatus...we need to be away from here because our emotions...Sayonara...

-The Admins
© 2017 - 2021 AskMMDYugi
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Thanks for linking my journal! HUGS!
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Okay. I put my journal back up after briefly allowing myself to be bullied into taking it down.  So I have now blocked… and They've already blocked me by now.  I hadn't paid much attention to the RoseSennen account since there wasn't any stolen art in the gallery to begin with.   And sorry for bothering you Danny. It was a HUGE misunderstanding on my part.  So I'll have to remember from now on, when you say "tell", you mean on my journal. (Sees some possible continuous journal editing for a while) :)
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I composed a journal about YamiLovesYugi and it disappeared. Now I have to start all over!
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Damn... I only though MLP fandom have this shit, seriously!

Why our fandom, why?
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Here's another journal What I have learned about YamiLovesYugi so far to add to your collection if you are keeping up with the stuff about YamiLovesYugi.  I noticed that you added other people's journals about her to that collection after you added my journal about Barbara.
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I found an another Art thief :iconjohnhchamberlain61: who stole my artwork 
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Time to bring in the art police, these guys make a living of blacklisting thieves.

Have fun lil lady, you hurt the brothers while they are suffering, YOU ANGER ME. Marvel Gif  Deadpool

And I blocked this brat ages ago, she dared give me an attitude when I pointed out that a few of her pics were stolen off other ppls pages. And I went to said people who said she didnt even ask em permission! So dont believe her folks, she's lying through her teeth!

And if you see anymore art thief awareness pages, PUT HER ON THEM!
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Oh you poor dear; I'm so SO sorry!!Fluttershy (sad) plz This has got to be a real critical blow. And I am so sorry for your loss Rainbow Dash (sad) plz; but it's so foul for them to do this to you while you were going through that. My heart and my prayers go out to you. I hope things will get better for you and the culprit will pay their dues.Menma Honma (Last Words) [V1] 
Ientina1234's avatar
I-i'm s-sorry... I-is j-just m-my f-fault... I-if i-i w-was n-not starting t-to cry w-when i-i saw h-her comment o-on m-my profile, m-my friend was n-not doing a-a journal o-or a-a post... I-i d-didn't w-want t-the o-others t-to involve y-you, guys, i-in a-all o-of this b-because o-of y-your loss... I-i'm s-so s-sorry :cries:
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HUGS! Please stop blaming yourself.. This isn't your fault. You're not the only one she hurt. Please just take good care of yourself and let your friends take care of you. I have more HUGS when you need them.
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That journal has since been re-posted and is on a new link.  The image in the journal above can be clicked.
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I now question some people...
art thief is never ok 
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This is UNFORGIVABLE of her. I'm sorry you had to do this...I-I can NOT even describe how angry I am about what she has done.
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Thanks for the warning, boys. I can't believe the damage she's done...
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She noted me and said she took down everything from her YamilovesYugi654 account where she used other people's work without their permission. When I brought up her other accounts, she said that was the only one she did it on.  She tried to apologize but I told her that I'm not someone she has personally hurt or stolen from.  For those she HAS hurt and/or stolen from, an apology would be too late because the damage is already done.
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Take care guys, thanks for the warning. You just focus on yourselves for now guys.

Ive experienced art theft and stuff once before but to witness his... this is cancerous... o.o

Its like a bad boyfriend. They ask for chances and they say theyll change but no dice. Tsk tsk. 

If it helps anyone, water marks and signatures in vital places help. Course I know most people already know this.

Just terrible... I am glad to have rarely come across such an attrocity. You guys go and do what you need to do, one good thing about the internet at least is you can always just leave it. See you when you get back. <:-)
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I can't believe that user would do such a thing! >:T
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Yeah. I think one of their alternate accounts even commented. Its the one above yours if your comment load order is the same as mine...

How atrocious.
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Mine's loaded to newest first.
CoffeeAddictedDragon's avatar
Might be below you then, it is Atem43210 I believe. It is one of the accounts warned about.
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I see... I have no MMD YuGiOh stuff, though.
CoffeeAddictedDragon's avatar
Same, but its always good to be aware.
PinkponyfanOfficial's avatar
Yep. Better safe then sorry.
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