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Made a new OC to represent myself. I can't remember the term. It's, like, a changeling partly transformed into a pony. Also, I own that hat. 

I tried a new type of shading for this one, given I've never used cell shading before. Hope it turned out well!

Edit: I realized later that I forgot any wings or horns. Oops. I'll probably just include the wings in my next drawing, unless I simply update this one. Honestly, if I do add a horn as well, people may start accusing me of just wanting pseudo-alicorn powers and changelings stuff to be an edgy, special Mary Sue.

Edit 2: Named her Princess Syrphidae.

The truth is that I would rather just be accurate to what I feel I'd fit best with; and that would be wings. A horn would be badass, but who needs those highfalutin unicorns anyway? The reason I went with changeling is that:
1) There designs are pretty cool. I don't really care one way or another on the new ones, so oh well.
2) It'd be a dream come true to be able to shapeshift. I do voice acting, so that would be freaking awesome to be able to perfectly imitate any voice. I'm not saying as a way to get famous, but because I love imitating voices and it would be awesome to have this advantage. I've also read a story before where a human got changeling powers and could just use them to 'put on' nice clothes or 'style' their hair and makeup. I would love to be able to do all of those things in moments. Also, I sorta have some gender issues, so it would basically cure my anxiety and my fear of stuff.

Anyway, that's my reasoning for picking this persona or whatever.
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