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.:kukuri:. Face To Face

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The Arena was Filled up, people from all around came to see what fight was about to go down here. The masive black Kukuri czar stood in the middle of the arena, ready to take on whoever would face him.
On the other entrince a young woman gave her dark Kukuri a last petting under his throat. "Give this all you got." she wispered into the big ears of her huge kukuri. He Started showing his teeth, while growling , seeing his opponent in the distance. "thats the spirit" the girl said and walked away from the entrince. Scudu started walking towards the arena, and as soon as the light hit his face he let out a furious roar, starting to run. But Czar was ready slightly moving forward. The moment their heads crashed together the earth seem to shake under their massive bodys and complet quiety came over the entire arena, before the jubling returned and the real fight would start.

COLLAB FOR LAST WEEK WOHHHH needet to be the most dramatic one >D
Collab with EscapingValhalla she did those amazing background! thank you so much for this collab! ;u; it was alot of fun xux/

it will be interresting to see who will win dis :'D

kukuris in this:……

30 frames for scudu = 60 fp
28 frames for czar = 56 fp

vals version once its uploadet:…
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This is incredibly badass!

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I love how theropod looking these guys are, those proportions remind me very much of early depictions of carnotaurs , and the animation is so fluid
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All Askila's CoL animations are amazing, but this is my favorite due to the amount of perspective, intensity, and movement in it! Combining two skills makes this feel like it could be from any actual movie!
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i absolutely love the energy and composition 
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gah i love this
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Fight! Fight! Fight! FIGHT!
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you NEED to become a pro animator (for money)
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Round 1: Czar wins!
Round 2: Czar wins!
Round 3: Czar wins!
      Result: Czar wins the match, congratulations!
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You need to be hired for like professional animated films. For some reason you give off a DC animation vibe? Like the really high-quality animated short film ones. 
But seriously this is so top notch whichever way you look at it. Like I can go on about every single little detail I like but that'd take forever. X,D Really admirable. 
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o h 

m y 

l  o                r                             d

father or mother teach  m E 
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This is too epic for words!! 8D That animation, perspective, and I love how both of the kukuris roar, and the way the camera zooms in on Czar perfectly. *u*
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W H A T?
How can so much skill be carried out so quickly, it's so clean and smooth and beyond beautiful.

AAH I love how cool your stuff is, I am inspired.
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Oh my God that animation though!
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Geez...Mal wieder echt ne super Animation ;o;
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