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to be free...

By Askhari
A wish. To be free from obligations, from logical thinking, society, everydaylife, to be free from the material world, reality. To flee into a dreamlike world of feeling, not just hoping, were everything can be like you wish, where you only have to believe in it. In our world, such thinking is described as asocial, lazy, self-destructive or stupid. For me it is what is worth for living. And one day I will escape. One day I will leave behind everything that could hold me back, and sink into a world were I can be free. No consience, no duty, no constraints, no hoping - just being. Being free, just live for the feelings and no need to justify it. To get there, I surely will have to pinch a bullet through my head, but goddamn, it should be worth it!
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I see what you mean, and your drawing is just perfect. But I think you can reach this reality without falling or leaving everything. You can reach it if you trust in it and if you decide for yourself to be free in your mind, opinions, and just don't care about what others will say or think.
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typo lol i mean I like it however i think if you fallow your hart suicide isn’t necessary:)
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I like it however i don’t think if you fallow your hart suicide isn’t necessary
amazing!!! i love it!
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tjo... was solll man sagen.. in einem moment der nur so trieft vor lauter selbstmitleid und melancholie, wie jetzt wünsch cih mir auch loszukommen.

die ironie daran ist wohl dass gerade es von dir kommt...
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keine Ahnung ob das jetzt was bringt, aber +barsch trotzdem ganz fest umarm+
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Very cool! I like it a lot!
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Ah, one can only dream of such a moment.
Until you fall...
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maybe it comes true with the fall...
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I really think you have captured what you describe in your comment in a beutifull way.
The picture togeather with its name speaks for it self.
You've captured a feeling on paper. That's a big achievement.

Marvelous, just marvelous.
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thank you very much :)
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No thank you ;);)
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very awesome!! great job.

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