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mechanoid gardens

By Askhari
just a study.
Based on the quite popular biomechanoid theme, I made some sketches and wanted to link surrealistic mechanoid-themes to flora, instead of the often seen human-machine link. Any way, it's more some foolin' around than a completed work, But I'll definitely explore this theme more...

Acrylics & ink on paper.
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Wow, amazing! I love people who are not afraid to experiment with old ideas and turn them into new! Choosing flora-machine link instead of human-machine link is amazing. Really great work! Wish to have it in bigger resolution! Keep up with good work ; )ezzz
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hey this is really cool. ive always wanted to be able to do the biometranoid thing aswell but its alot harder to do from scratch. And needs alotta planning, in my case anyway. Btw i stumbled on this because of the person aboves[ ] favoraites. and hoping people will notice it through my favoraites :]
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wow I like your work ... just stumbled upon it ... really nice and nasty
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Whoop someone who can use crosshatching! well done!
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looking good, you should paint this! ;)
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Cameras in the trees. No one is safe. Good job.
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hehe... cool that you see cameras there, they were intended as fruits ^^
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