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Yumm yumm, giant brain...

By Askhari
Illustrator, Wacom Tablet
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© 2007 - 2021 Askhari
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liart66's avatar
That is so rad!

MMMMMM... brains.

ash-2-thunder's avatar
this would be a sweet tattoo. enough. said.
Gothic-Nyu's avatar
schaut cool aus aber irgendwie wie ne dicke weise kröte :P
bloodyKiss666's avatar
and my cats for sure!

Nice one, but the second hand from above is odd, or just my little finger is restrained. ;-p
Askhari's avatar
yeah, i didn't do quite well on the hands, I'm still not very comfortable with this tiny tablet :/

It's gonna eat you anyway xD
bloodyKiss666's avatar

aww, how sweet. i want a new pet, anyway.
Wintermoon666's avatar
Super detaillierte Arbeit, ich wünschte ich könnte so gut mit meinem Tablet umgehen, hab mich irgendwie nie so richtig dran gewöhnt ...
stevygee's avatar
Haha die Notiz am Rande... and your dog!

Wahnsinnig aufwendig, die ganzen Flächen... Man könnte das soviel einfacher machen, aber du hast dir das angetan... Schaut verdammt gut aus, und ich finds auch toll wie es nicht komplett gespiegelt ist, du hast da Variationen in die Struktur gebraucht, wodurch es interessant bleibt. Zuerst fällt das gar nicht auf, machts aber glaub ich umso natürlicher.

[sorry to everyone who can't read German, but it's late and there is no way that I'm translating this right now]
Askhari's avatar
Vielen dank - ich muss aber sagen der hier war gar nicht so viel arbeit - is vollständig per Tablet entstanden, diesmal keine Maus verwendet
kornereyes's avatar
I really hate using this word in the way I'm going to right now:
That's so sick!

That's all that's going through my brain. Great job. It's crazy. I love it.
Askhari's avatar
thx a lot :D
but I think sick might be the best word for this ^^
U186's avatar
Dude, what are you smoking and where can i get some? ;D

No seriously. As allways, great work. I really find your art fascinating :)

What wacom do you use?
Askhari's avatar
an old A6 Grapphire I borrowed from our lead-designer at work ^^

and for what I'm smoking, I just know it grows on a plant and I'm taking too much xD
U186's avatar
ah, well that works :)

haha ;)
MaQo's avatar
Wow... very Good... its like too perfect.
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