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Ritual Mask

This is a little exploration I did at the beginning of the week. Being more and more in touch with Vectors, I got very inspired by some of the awesome Illustration I came across on different blogs, and wanted to try it out.

Never liked Illustrator before, never took the patience to get to know the shortcuts and tools, so I think the only thing that was left to do is try it out! The whole thing took me about 6-7h to complete - since I never bought vector packs I decided to illustrate all the ornamental parts by hand.

For the first more complex Artwork I did in Illustrator I'm pretty happy with the outcome, but tell me, whta do you think about it?

// UPDATE: Well, I was still not comfortable with the colors, so I started tweaking and texturing in PS. So here's the new version which I really prefer.
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this is magical :D
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Our compliments!
We would like to publish this work on the next issue of our italian art-zine named CAA -Chiamata alle Arti, themed Mask.
The team

You can see all past editions here:
The deadline for this issue is 15 september 2009.
send to:
Your personal data:
- Name and/or nickname - Email and/or URL of your site
- your permission to use the images both for the use on the CAA and to advertize the CAA projects themselves.
File types (no animation) at least 1800 pixels on longer side:
JPG, GIF and PNG or TIF, TGA, EPS, BMP, WMF, EMF compressed with ZIP or RAR (max 6 Mb).

more info: [link]
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I'd love to, I'll send you a mail!
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I'm amazed by your gallery! Dont stop : D
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It's one of my favourites. Would love to do a collab actually, see how we both mix =)
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Thank you! I know this answer is kinda late, but I haven't been on dA for too long (once again :D). Sounds like a good Idea, let me know when you have some spare time!
I'm very glad you like it, I've got more pieces like that coming up in the next days, so stay tuned ;)
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I have some spare time already man, just hit me up with a note with your MSN on it or message me it on Behance! =)
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I love it; it's both fascinating and scary; it's like a reallyreally old, odd looking man has arrives and is staring me in the face, and I just have to stand there...looking until he is done..erh looking! Freaks me out, kind of!
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that's right he's just... looking *muahahahahaaaa*
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yes exactly=)
thats the perfect description!!
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This looks absolutely faboulus !!!
I like it a lot, definitely worth the 7 hours of Illustrator !!!
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that's very well done for first try... that's awesome... nice vector :headbang:
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Very cool!
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OMG this is awesome :wow: !!!!
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Sehr schönes detailiertes Bild, auch die Farben find ich passend.
Ich wollte mich auch mal mit Illustrator und Vektoren näher beschäftigen, aber irgendwie kam es nicht dazu, einmal ein ganz einfacher Apfel war das erste und letzte Ergebnis, was ich je mit Illustrator erstellt hab ;) obwohl die Möglichkeiten des Programms sehr interessant sind.
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danke... Mir kommts immer noch vor als würd ich mich mit der hälfte nicht auskennen ^^
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Kann ich mir denken, ich werkle schon ein paar Jahre mit Photoshop herum und bin immer noch oft überrascht, wie umständlich ich manche Sachen mache, weil ich mich mit manchen Funktionen bisher zuwenig beschäftigt hab ;)
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nice work. very stylish:)
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great mask, i love the detail. very stylish.
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