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January 8, 2011
Night falls by ~Askhari is a beautifully stylised vector of an owl in the night. Check out the way the feathers have been rendered with staggered gradients... simply beautiful.
Featured by ChewedKandi
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Night falls

Once I was told, if you look into the owls eyes, you might never be able to look away again...

Illustrator, Wacom tablet, roughly 5h
I've been pretty lazy with visiting deviantArt these last years, and was totally surprised today to find this old sketch of mine to have gotten a DD - Thank you very, very much for that, for all the favs & comments and everything, that's amazing!

As I got some request I added a print, hope you enjoy :)
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pevhak's avatar
very beautiful. :clap:
RossoDH's avatar
Very nice <3
katre-design's avatar
very nice colors, great!
genghisjon's avatar
This owl is a great depiction of one that I imagined in a story I am developing. Nice work!
Woah this is beautiful!
pica-ae's avatar
very beautiful :heart:
Abbi456's avatar
That owl would make a kickass logo.
Dragonfang467's avatar
This is awesome. I wish I had a tablet too...
SomeoneWhoDoodles's avatar
Lovely blue tones on the owl! -adds to faves-
EllaNyx's avatar
This piece has been featured here [link] .:heart::love::heart:
MyCephei's avatar
hotaruart's avatar

I wish there was a bigger version, I'd love to get a better look at the details.
BethCarr's avatar
Oh wow! It's so beautiful!
silvercollaredwolf's avatar
I love this! Could you turn it into a desktop background?
WDWParksGal's avatar
Owls are so very pretty. I like seeing them at the zoo, but not when they are confined in small cages. A habitat is better even if it does have limitations for the owls' freedom as it pertains to their flying around. This is just beautiful. Nicely done :hug:
Metal-Head-Dragon's avatar
Pellimore's avatar
You're able to walk away, you just don't want to because owls are so amazing.
stalker777's avatar
Ohh! I would love a black & yellow / Black & red version of this.
Askhari's avatar
could look nice, I'm with you - sadly it was a scribble and the paths & layers are a mess, don't know if I can sort it out to make other color versions that look good ;)
stalker777's avatar
Ahh, no problem then! :)
Congrats on the DD, totally deserved it.
Askhari's avatar
thx, I'm really happy :)
stalker777's avatar
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Exquisite-Bows's avatar
There is something about this that draws you in, its simple but oh so effective, love it!!
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