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By Askhari
Creativity is a blessing. Even though the all-eating force of it makes it impossible to fullfill all your desires, to bring down all the images you see and to create all the ideas, it still fills you with a deep longing, the wish to create... Sometimes this wish is still there, but the force to do it runs out...
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Ich liebe deine Striche und diese Plastizität O.O Deine Bilder drücken so viel aus und zum Spruch: wie wahr wie wahr.
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heey.. ı liked it.
12monthsOFwinter's avatar
Well spoken and well expressed! :)
DeadlySin23's avatar
I love the emotion that the pic gives off and the detailing....great job :D
DevilsSpawn's avatar
Well, i have to admit, i know exactly what you mean in the description.... the image itself, beautiful shading, and the iullusion of distance and depth is just amazing, nicely done :)
Krakenface's avatar
Very cool. Love the hatching.
Samuran's avatar
Lovely work. Those hands are gorgeous.

I know what you feel like, the desire to work out everything in your head can be somewhat the end, you need to be realistic about what you can achieve and what not...but a little dreaming is always allowed, I hope ;)

I would advise you to make the background somewhat more detailed as well, just some clouds or brushes maybe. It's a bit too flat now.
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Thx. Yeah, I'm quite unhappy with this piece, but it describes the present, and I neither have the motivation, nore the ideas.. kinda frustrating time the last weeks...
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whoa. powerful stuff here, the emotion on his(?) face is perfect... :clap:
Askhari's avatar
his or her doesn't really mather... but as you can lightly see his genitals, I would think it's a he...
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