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Fully Vaxed - YCH (OPEN) by VixenDra
Askentil Design - Guide for ALL Styles by VixenDra
Askentil Species - Trait Ranges by VixenDra
Askentil(TM) species' head sculpt - master source by VixenDra
Available Askentils - aka. adopts
ASKENTIL00048 - adopt [OPEN] by VixenDra
Askentil00045 - adopt [OPEN] by VixenDra
Askentil00043 - adopt [OPEN] by VixenDra
Askentil00040 - adopt [OPEN] by VixenDra
Askentil characters' refs

Mature Content

Askentil Quinn (ASKENTIL00044) by VixenDra
Askentil Kvistr (ASKENTIL00042) by VixenDra

Mature Content

Askentil Lexi (ASKENTIL00046) by VixenDra
Askentil Ruvile (Askentil00041) by VixenDra
Askentil related art
Noselicks (10 years anniversary) by VixenDra
Lexi - art trade by Shensei1
Lexi : Burger Baby by FoXyINKZ
Happy 27th Birthday Cookies by VixenDra
RETIRED designs - data storage
(RETIRED DESIGN) askentil - Meztli by VixenDra
Medianoche - Askentil form (RETIRED design) by VixenDra
Snowflake  Askentil Winter Art Exchange  Snowflake

An Art Exchange is when a group of people join in to draw for one another. You are given another randomly selected person to draw for. In turn, someone else will be given your name and draw something for you.

Our exchange's theme is, of course, askentil characters.

To participate, comment on this journal or in our Discord server's "sicrit" channel with a link to your askentil character whom you would like drawn.
Participation Form:
Character: (link)
Prefered form: (anthro/feral/any)
General personality/mood: (any/calm/cheerful/grumpy/Christmasy/etc.)
Anything important about your character: (dont's? inspiration suggestions? associated items? whatever you like to add!)

Remember, you are drawing someone else's askentil character!

SnowflakeThe sign-ups deadline: December 5th [closed]

By the end of the day (European time) I will randomize who draws for whom, then send a notification to you through Note or/and Discord. Do NOT pick a person yourself!

When the exchange begins, you will have up to a month to complete your piece.

SnowflakeThe exchange's deadline: between December24th -  January 6th.

Don't leave it for the last minute though - do your best to possibly deliver your part before the end of the year, and better leave the beginning of January as an extra time in case of emergency.

Put the effort into your art. Avoid quick sketches and totally careless doodles.Make sure your work looks aesthetic and that it's at least colored.
Visual art only, both digital and traditional drawings and paintings are welcome. For traditional art, make sure the image of your work is neatly cropped, well-lit and in-focus.

Warn VixenDra if you get into an unforeseen situation preventing you from completing within the final deadline, and make sure to deliver your part as soon as you can.
Complete failure to deliver the artwork within a reasonable time will ban you from any similar events in the future for at least a few years.
Simply put yourself into the shoes of the person who will make their part but won't receive theirs... or into mine for having to make extra art.

When the time comes, post your entry to your public Deviantart gallery (or give :iconaskentils: permission to post&host your work) and make sure your giftee gets notified of it!

Snowflake Let's spread the holiday spirit in our small community:) Snowflake
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Askentil™ center

Askentil is a mammalian original species that belongs to VixenDra.
This is a Semi-Open Species:
You may make one only if you request a Registry Number from VixenDra
Do NOT make any without permission(Registry Number)!
Registry Numbers are free and available upon request.
Thank you:)

* Discord - [28x28] by Hardrockangel Askentil Discord Server - please be nice and avoid controversy^^

Please, join if you own an askentil or if you wish to obtain one! :) also if you simply like the species:)

Don't like something? Having doubts? PM VixenDra, she's here to listen out and help if possible. Doesn't bite.


Ko-fi! by VixenDra
Species creator and owner



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