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What? It wasn't me! Applejack liar 
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"Yes, I did! And I'm gonna do it again!"
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Snickerdoodles are irresistible!
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A lil piggy Bubble Lee lol
Calm the hell down fluffy neck. There's more in the oven. 
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Oh. It's you. Stealing my jokes before I can make them again. 
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This makes this especially funny to me since I just bought a pack of cookie dough and ate all of the cookies myself XDDDD

Ahhh, this is cute~
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lol super cute and funny
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Ya naughty lil filly XD
you'll get chubby =w=
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Singe: *anger pigeon sounds*

XD I'd munch the cookies fast and run away lol
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hahaha XD She will be shortly XD
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-starts talking and cookie crumbs go everywhere- whaT I DiDN't dO iT....
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I have been in this exact situation and said the exact same thing. I feel you bubble. :)
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bubbles did you eat the last piece of pie -3-
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This is too cute! ^w^

Oh no Bubble. XD You should have at least share. ^w^
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HAHA! XD Oooh Bubble. X3 If you don't control your appetite you will soon look like an actual bubble! X3 And soon you will pop! X3 

I actually did that once, and then I tried to play it off with full mouth XD
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Bubble what did you do!? x3
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YOU DID WHAT?! Bad Bubbles! You need a timeout!
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No bad Bubble, now there won't be any cookies for the rest of us:icondisappointplz:

In all seriousness, great job!
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