Shark Bait
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Suggested by :iconsuperpika293: comments.deviantart.com/4/3365…

I think its a good fit for her while she enjoys a nice cool snack~
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Comments (48)
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Me bait
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Fruitfang|Hobbyist General Artist
I reeeallly need to learn how to anthro, love this
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Marie-Scalereader's avatar
Bubble: Hey Mako~
Mako: Yes- *sees and stops*
Bubble: You like?
Mako: *incoherent Orca noises* 
Bubble: *little sultry giggle* I'll take that as a yes. 
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Kyoshyu|Hobbyist General Artist
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cbpitts's avatar
enter mako with jaws theme 
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Bluemansonic's avatar
DAYUM that's hot!
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Firefall-MLP's avatar
Firefall-MLP|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a really smart idea :D Both funny and suiting. ^^
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KiryuMega94|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hot damn, I'd take a bite out of that.
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KiryuMega94|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not literally, that would be horrible.
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ProxyJack|Hobbyist Digital Artist
High quality bait
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MILW-F6A|Hobbyist General Artist
Gooooorgeous! :heart:
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diamondtron01|Hobbyist General Artist
Mmm ice cream <3 <3 <3
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Dekomaru|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice :D
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Songbreeze741's avatar
Songbreeze741|Hobbyist General Artist
Shark Bait Ooh La La~
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freedomman97's avatar
I look forward to the version that it's a full color next time.
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Mini-Feru|Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi there
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VNeon|Hobbyist General Artist
I realy like the pose (reminds me of my GF when we were swiming ... but thats not importand) but in my opinion she holds her ice a lil to hard like someone will try to take it from her. such small Ice you would probably only hold with 2 or 3 fingers (mostly because you don't whant your fingers to freeze)
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LokosFermincho|Hobbyist General Artist
Succ practice
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Blue-Grey-Dragon's avatar
Very excellent curves and proportions, she looks very smooth and well textured.

The clothes design is an interesting touch and the colors accentuate everything nicely here.

Great job on this Bubble Lee.
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Isacc20|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That a rather interesting swim wear .3.
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Tekkaman18's avatar
I'm probably just imagining it,  but it almost seems that swimsuit is a bit see-through. :meow:
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CannonCarEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cannon: -grumps and puts my hands up- share da ice cweam with me!~ >n<
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