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DTA Entry (He's mine!)

Edit: I won the Adoptable! Yay, he's so cute ^^ :heart: Now to draw Discord shenanigans~

Ready For Adopt( free, DTA) CLOSED by RFLzQtby :iconrflzqt:

I've been debating on entering for awhile since I kind of want the other person who entered for this adopt to win, since their backstory was so good. But here we go anyways.

Name: Fluffernutter
Nickname: Fluffy, Nut, Pigeon or Pidge,
Gender: Male, looks like a girl.
Orientation: Discord
Species: Pegasus
Talent: Talentless, no cutie mark

Bio: Fluff is air-headed aloof pony who isn't very good at anything. If eating peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches and flying upside down and backwards into trees was a useful talent for anything, he'd be the Princess of it.

To everyone's confusion, Fluff is currently the "good and faithful student" of the reformed Discord, avatar of Chaos. Discord calls him Pigeon or Pidge for short and lets the scatterbrain pegasus follow him around, throwing sandwiches at him occasionally.
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Oh my god I guessed the type of samwhich before I even looked at the desc
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HE! the teeth are a nice detail :)
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Congrats on getting him! XD
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He's pretty cute. (Did you see his name and nicknames? They're adorable.)
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yay, congrats on your new oc, hope you have a lot of fun drawing him ^^
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Different looking and so cute. :)
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which probably affects the sweet right?
it is an OC of someone else?
looks good!
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its an entry to win an adoptable
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like me anyway! XD  ;-)
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DAAAWWW! She stole my sandwich! XD
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I want to snuggle him Q~Q
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I am pretty sure you are going to win :DDD

Jo!! I really wanted him ^^` But good luck anyway, take care of him if you win!
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I hope you win him XD I really liked your backstory for him and your art was really good for not drawing ponies before ^^
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I am not going and you know it xD. Wow! I am really glad you like it, i did not know how to explain it ^^`. I've drawn one time like 8 months ago (????

Well, even if you won i know that you are a good person :D
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Fluffernutter! Jack of all trades! Master of nothing!
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haha pretty much XD
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I love his design! XD
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So do I! He's so cute and fluffy ^^
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Name: Fluffernutter

Already like it! :D
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