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Changeling Armor

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How is this for something different!! So I've been playing around with changeling armor designs, but could never settle on something. I wanted to make something that was similar to the armor you see in the show, but it still give it that changeling feel to it. Either way, I like how it turned out.

I recently discovered an artist, :icondormin-kanna:, who's art I've completely fell in love with! Their poses are all so fluid and their magic special effects are spot on! I just love everything they do and I wanted to try my hand at cool glowy special effects too!

Now to the Character! This isn't Imago believe it or not. Imago never wears armor like that, the blue armor is reserved for higher ranking officers in Chrysalis's army, usually captains or something along of the line. This is Vespa, my battle-mage changeling. She is a much older changeling, having been apart of many of her queen's battles and conquers. She is powerful and ruthless, taking love forcefully from her victims and using it to power her enormous spells, usually obliterating her enemies in a single hit. If she misses some how, Vespa is pretty handy with an ax as well. She's a deady changeling to face with.

Vespa's ax was made by the talented :iconjustthebrony:!!

Pose: Coming Down [Pose Reference for Drawing]
Armor: New Female plate mail

Without effects: changeling armor by AskBubbleLee
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CyberChangelingStudent Traditional Artist
This is awesome, I love the effects.
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Wow! He looks like a Diablo 3 class! :D
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RexlareHobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually really like this design. To me I always envisioned Changelings wearing armor that was a mix of practical design, and exposure to show the bodies beauty. And this is an armor set that's very good at accomplishing both.
I also REALLY love the magic and lighting you did. I like how it courses through her like she's a conduit, and then unleashes it in a powerful wave. A very pretty glow fits it too, making it almost look like Petrusite.

All in all, I like it a lot!

... though my HEMA senses are crying at that closer to a halberd axe...
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looks super
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Gorehound49Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Firing her layza like a Bad ass!

Very nice work here Bubble. :)
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Firefall-MLPHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, those magic effects look awesome! You did a very great job!  ^^
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AskBubbleLeeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!! The axe just ties everything together perfectly! thank you so much again!
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Firefall-MLPHobbyist Digital Artist
It looks way more cool with how you added it into the picture with all the lines and shading ^^ And you're more than welcome! :D
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Dayum, no words to descirbe it. Lovely work as always Bubbles
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AskBubbleLeeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
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Oh FUCK! That is one of the most badass things I have ever seen!
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AskBubbleLeeHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't normally draw badass stuff, but when I do, it usually doesn't turn out half bad XD
Dracothestern's avatar
XD Well this looks great...also what you said sounds a bit like a commercial.

'I don't normally draw badass stuff but when I do...'  Insert product here XD 
AskBubbleLee's avatar
AskBubbleLeeHobbyist Digital Artist
pffft XD unintentional XD
Dracothestern's avatar
I know, but it's funny XD
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MagicMaster390Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bad ass as uck
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Dormin-KannaProfessional General Artist
awww thank you, you really lighted my dark day. thank you so much! also great job here on the magic!!
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AskBubbleLeeHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you like it! I tried hard, but I have lots to learn still. Thank you for being such a huge inspiration!!
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