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Bubble Lee

Same pose as Punk Lee by AskBubbleLee but with her normal look XD
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I like the new one! I like the almost dapple pattern on her back and that you can see her hooves. More realistic but cute. And her mane style is amazing!
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Where exactly did you get the idea for this new color scheme for Bubble? I'm thinking of making a pony with a similar style, but I don't want to be copying you or anything.
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:iconblackblood-queen: helped me with her new design actually XD I wanted a more tropical theme
mattanimaniac's avatar
Oh, cool. It's just that I remember either you or her saying something at one point about basing Bubble's redesign off of a real-life breed of horse.
Kyoshyu's avatar
Hah, even more adorable. :)
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I watch it for the plot^^
0ptimusgames3's avatar
It's very cute Bubble, I really liked!
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Freckle booty needs to be a thiiiing.
Good show
3000-fancazzista's avatar
Oh my, that perfect booty :icondatplotplz:
link5261's avatar
Time for another "then and now" compilation? :D
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I guess you could say she has a "bubble" butt.
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Still as adorable as ever xD
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Cute adorable Bubble Lee!😆
BillyP-AlabastorAm's avatar
We have our next Rump Queen right here!
Jojofinatic85's avatar
Awwwww~ I just want to pick her up and hug her:)
Isacc20's avatar
That's bubble lee, as cute, adorable, lovable love draining pony as she can be x3

Yep, definitely the tongue was the cute melting point!
db1993's avatar
Such beauty of bubble
ShadowFoxDrawings's avatar
If this were the real Bubble Lee, would she look the same as Imago? Or would she look different? I’m curious because you mentioned that Imago’s form of her was more feminine while the real Bubble was more of a tomboy. Nonetheless, great work. <33
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