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Bubble Bust

Here is the Example bust I made for the points commissions.
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Aww, so cute:3.
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Owl Eye: ......Oh, come here, you! *Pulls Bubble Lee into a firm hug and eskimo kisses her*
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You're welcome!
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gotta love those freckles....

So by "busts" you mean like 'facial close-ups' I take it?
(and not breasts, lol)
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well, if there was any breasts to draw i'm sure they would show XD I consider "busts" chest area and up. So mostly just cleavage and face.
ZGuy0fSci's avatar
cleavage and face...  *trying so hard to not make another sugestive joke, lolz...   XD
(motorboating ftw)
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hehe thats always fun as well ^^
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Speaking of, ever play or remember a game "Hydro Thunder" way back when in arcades and on the N64?
(now that some highspeed "motorboating" tell ya wut! :D lulz)

ah, good times...
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i actually haven't. I was more of a pokemon snap and Super Smash Bros type of kid
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I actually remember playing those!  Never to what can remember owned either or might had on the N64 but played them plenty.  I later got Smash for my Wii on VC but never got Snap.

They really ought to bring it back renewed and evolved for the Wii U shouldn't they?
Could so totally do a more interactive safari thing, and have DLC areas released as time goes by.

Still it would be nice to also see more of F-Zero & Hydro Thunder too...
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Awww x3 so cute
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d'awww, look at the cute wittle pony :iconrainbowdashsqueeplz:
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She is definitely one of the most cutest ponies I have ever seen. ^-^
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