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Aphrodite 010

By askar
Her eyes!
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I found your art and I had it printed, then I had to put it on the wall at home, as you can see. I love it.

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Wow! What a compliment. And it looks beautiful there.

Really beautiful :)

This is a real art piece. It has gravity, it has complexity, it creates stories in the minds of the viewers.

I would live to see a version of this image with a veil added)

Originally saw this on Pinterest, Oh my God. This Looks EXACTLY like my mother when she was in her 20's. So alike its almost creepy! So beautiful! I'm actually quite in shock 
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 Quite appropriately lovely!Clap 
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Comparing yours to Bouguereau's (at…) I think I like yours better: the head is less tilted down, the nose seems shorter and there's less shadow on the left of the chin. Yours also seems a little softer focus. Well done.
I was struck by what she tends to speak to me with her eyes!
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I think the "Tenors" used your art in the locket featured in their video for "Who wants to live forever ft. Lindsey… see video at 2:12... 
Is this painting based on W-A. Bourgereau's 1879 painting Aphrodite?
That is SO beautiful!
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oh goshh....  she's so beautiful!!
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I think this is the best painting I've ever seen portraying 'woman'. I've done digital painting, not as easy as it looks - this is incredibly superb... I deeply appreciate the time and care you put into this piece.


Michelle.T.Williams - fine artist
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I have to confess to having been taken by the "it's Bougereau"-crowd. Stupid internet is a house of mirrors! Anyway, hats off to your fantastic digital work, and all your other wonderful work here. (And to Bougereau, for that matter, for the work he actually truly did!)
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I saw this attributed to Bouguereau but it doesn't look like his models and I've not seen it before so I did more research and ended up here. This is not listed in his collected works so I must assume the attribution is incorrect and you are the artist. I say that so that it can be on record for future viewers. Excellent work, by the way. Bouguereau is my favorite artist and to fool me even for a second is quite a feat (fooled by the internet not you) as I can even distinguish between his work and that of his wife/student Elizabeth Gardner Bouguereau whose work also is often attributed to him. Kudos and keep making art!
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Hi Askar.  I sent you a private note a few days ago.  I just wanted to leave you a comment here to make sure you have seen it.  Also, have sent you a message via linked-in.   I hope you are getting these messages and will respond!  :)  Thanks.
I have been searching the net for 3 days trying to find this in a print I can buy because I love it. Please, if you ever make it available in prints, let me know.


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Just wow! Gorgeous!

I would like to use a part of this image for a book cover—the book itself, Julie's Spring, is an ebook and will be available for free, i.e., zero dollars or euros or whatever. I should add that the book is erotica and for adults only. I'd like to use more or less the upper left quadrant of your image. May I have your permission to do so?

Thanks for considering this.

Joe "Bondi" Beach
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You may use it as you wish, Joe. Just include attribution. This is the highest resolution though. Had I known 'Aphrodite' was going to be so popular, I would have done her in higher resolution. But in any case: yes.
Gorgeous. I have been searching for YOU the artist and who did this beauty forever...I'm so excited I found the info! Please, how can I buy a print/canvas? I want her!!
Just to let you know that someone has taken your picture and intends to use it as a book cover of a book she intends to publish within the next few months. And I'm pretty sure she didn't ask you for permission:…

She has a history of violating copyrights on many occasions. Her real name is Lila Lykins, but she used the name Kira Takenouchi to write Yaoi fiction. She wrote a fanfiction on a very famous Yaoi story, Ai no Kusabi and published it on Amazon. Amazon pulled her books because the publisher, Digital Manga Publishing, stated that she had no permission to publish her fanfiction commercially based on Ai no Kusabi for which they hold the rights.

Apparently she hasn't learned anything regarding copyrights since she has now decided to just take any picture that she finds suitable and slap it on one of her books...
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