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Ganymede Texture Map (11K)



I'm here with a realistic high-resolution Ganymede texture 👀
USGS map [1] was used as the main source, and the polar as well as some other areas were filled by Björn's texture [2]. All connection lines of different colors and resolutions were smoothed out with a minimal loss of information. As always, I strove for the most realistic color, but I can't ensure high accuracy. The color was selected by mixing channels, the texture is gamma corrected.
The commercial license allows it to be used in open source projects such as Celestia.

August 3, 2021: regions from Juno flyby [3] have been added and color realism has been improved. I was pleased that the previous version was used by ESA in the heic2107b publication.

Simple cylindrical projection, planetocentric coordinate system, center longitude 0°.
Gamma corrected, not albedo corrected.

[3] Preliminary PJ34 Ganymede equirectangular map by Brian Swift
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This Map is Very Bright But it's Fine