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Tomoe Gozen - The Battle

This samurai lady is named Tomoe Gozen.

I painted her with a traditionnal technic used for the japanes estampes, with black ink.
I'm so in love with samurai and Japan's History :heart:
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Trais bien. You did an awesome job.
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:D thank you ! And nice french :)
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I like it. Simple but elegant captures what I like about Eastern Art.
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Thank you so much <3
The art is good, but your history is incorrect. Tomoe Gozen was one of the seven Samurai guards that aided Minamoto Yoshinaka (and, reportedly, one of the most - if not the most - skilled Samurai in his command) in escaping from the city of Kyoto, where he then dismissed her due to the male chauvinism at the time and the "shame" of dying in the presence of a woman. From there, she escapes by surprising 30 horsemen and quickly killing one of them as she rides by - no epic battle here. She survived and marries the Minamoto OFFICIAL Wada Yoshimori. Though the Wada line is brutally killed in an uprising in 1213, she managed to survive that as well, and lived as a nun until her nineties.
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Right, thank you.
Now I'd suggest you should write to Wikipedia french, because this is fairly different from English version. I assume yours is correct, but if you could inform me where you get the 'correct' informations, I'd be satisfied.
Ah, sorry if the comment came off as pretentious, I did not mean it that way. I'm just a History major currently studying the Samurai, and this is the information presented to me from both my professor and the records. Notably this information can be found in "The Tales of the Heike" which include a coverage of the Genpei Wars, in which Tomoe Gozen makes her brief appearance. Later recordings dictate her later life. This can also be confirmed in the historical text by Jonathan Clements (PHD and author of many books on East Asian History) "The Samurai: A New History of the Warrior Elite" on pages 104-108.

I would like to restate that I love this picture and the traditional style you used for it. I only felt the need to correct the history as that is my chosen field of study. Again, I apologize for any percieved ill-intent or pretentiousness found in it.
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Don't worry about that, I was quite puzzled about that when I read you, because the French Version seems not to tell the entire truth !
You study Japan History ? God, I admire you, you should have told me ! It's a honor for me, I'm so fond of this very part of Japanese History.
Yeah, I know this text from Clements, unfortunately I wasn't able to get it, I just read some excerpts.

Thank you very much. I'm also fond of engraving japanese style, even if it's difficult. The sumi-e technique is also hard but fantastic.
I do understand you, and I now feel sorry because I overreacted, so I do apologize. In fact, I have to confess a thing : I published a fanzine about Japanese History, I mentionned some historical facts, and sometimes, people just grab the fanzine in French exhibitions, read it quickly and give it back to me saying "okay just be realistic" or "when you write about history, be correct !" So I was really angry. That's why I overreacted, I'm sorry. I'm happy you mentionned me all this references so I can be sure of the facts ! :D

May I ask you where you study ?
And could I ask if you have some references book to read, if it's not too much trouble ?

Sorry again for overreacting, and thank you for giving me all your advices !
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Wow, love the traditional style.
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Thank you so much :love:
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J'adore tes estampes et franchement Tomoe a la classe.
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Merci madame, et merci pour le fav :D
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I love her.... you did an excelent job with her! :heart:
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Thank youuuu :heart:
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ho le beau samouraï
les détail sont en plus super bien fait ^^
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Merci à toi^^
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The armor looks amazing! :wow: totally stunning!
And also, the hair is nicely done :heart:
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Many thanks, I'm pleased you like^^
Thank you also for the fav :hug:
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Aw. I really like her clothes and the details! Looks really beautiful but also strong. And the sense of movement is quite nice. Her hair flows and it seems to be very thoughtful.
Well done ^-^
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Many thanks, you make me blush!
I'm very moved to see that deviants like this drawing, I worked very hard on it^^
Thank you, dear :D :huggle:
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You're welcome!
That's no surprise that many people like your work ^^ It's really good and everyone can realise that you work hard on it! =]
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*blush* I'm so moved!
Thank youuuuu :D
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