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When Venice Met Greenland

~Base by :iconsketch-artist-4ever:~

admin: So Venice, you have a best friend?
Child!Venice: Oh yeah! His name is Greenland and he is totally cool! Funny also once he's not shy!
admin: mhm...did you learn about his country?
Child!Venice: Yerp! Its so weird, he is Greenland yet his country is soo cold and icy!
admin: oookaaay. I'm proud that you made friends with a country.
Child!Venice: yep....HEY! I'm friends with other countries!
Child!Greenland: V-Venice, lets go play...
admin & Child!Venice: AWW HE'S SO CUTE!
admin: go play! Leave me be!
Child!Greenland: U-uh! Yes ma'am!
Child!Venice: Yeah, yeah! *drags Greenland away to the park*

admin: XD well, Greenland soon gets over his shyness and soon becomes a good young man with an awesome sense of humor...You can also ask im anything or roleplay with him if you want!
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Oh my gosh. They're both extremely adorable! ;v;
May I please draw those two? ;u;
Ask-Venice-Italy's avatar
Oh thank you! Yesh, you can draw them if you want! I don't mind! >w<
Cutsii's avatar
No problem~!
...And thank you!
Ask-Venice-Italy's avatar
Your welcome, have fun drawing!