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The Otekki Crew makes you smile!
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Question 79-Tickle Me Socky! by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Question 79-Tickle Me Socky! :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 7 8 Question 78-Hello to you! by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Question 78-Hello to you! :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 7 6 Question 77-Wolf-i-fed?.... by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Question 77-Wolf-i-fed?.... :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 4 23
Otekki Crew Special Script P.5
Otekki Crew Special Script: Transformations P.5
Otekki Crew Special Script: The Ahn Triplets’ Transformation and a bonus: Admin and NomLeChicken’s transformation
[Cue the Ahn Triplets, Jung Oh, 14, Shin-Cho, 14, and Gab-Do, 14, at the Ahn Junkyard]
Jung-Oh: Alright! Get your lazy bottoms up! We’ve got work to do!
Shin-Cho: Yeesh, Jung-Oh, you’re always the hardworking one, when do you ever relax?
Gab-Do: Yeah, Jung-Oh! You may be the older of the Ahn Triplets, but you are not the boss of us!
Jung-Oh: Who said you can slack off? The Ahn Junkyard is known to be the most organized of all the junkyards! Do you want to ruin the reputation?!
Shin-Cho and Gab-Do: No, we don’t, Mr. Bossy. [whisper] Mr. Buzzkill.
[Cue transformation starting]
Jung-Oh: Why can’t you two organize the scraps correctly?!
Shin-Cho: I’m sorry… But that shade of blue isn’t your color….
Gab-Do: Says the one who’s growing shorter.
Shin-Cho: Haha, very f
:iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 2 23
Jung-Oh Ahn by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Jung-Oh Ahn :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 3 6 Otekki (Om Nom) and Pusheen by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Otekki (Om Nom) and Pusheen :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 2 2 Question 76- Reaction to Nevermind by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Question 76- Reaction to Nevermind :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 2 7 Rougent's reaction to Hay Day by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Rougent's reaction to Hay Day :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 2 1
Otekki Crew Special Script Transformations P.4
Otekki Crew Special Script: Transformations P.4
Otekki Crew Special Script: Dong Bo and Rotori’s transformation, and Teresina and Lance’s transformation
[Cue Teresina, 16, and Lance, 16, at the Sephiroth City Concert Hall]
Teresina: Hey, Lance, would it be nice to see a concert at this height?
Lance: U-uh… Yes… It would….
Teresina: Oh, Lance. You’re so silly sometimes. Your cheeks just makes you look cuter!
Lance: [blushes] Th-thanks…..
[Cue transformation starting]
Lance: I don’t mean to be rude….. But, why are you and your hair getting shorter?
Teresina: I don’t mean to be rude, but why is your cheeks being puffier?
Lance: You’re turning midnight blue!
Teresina: You’re turning orange!
Lance: This can’t be happening! We just got here!
Teresina: Help me, Lance!
Lance: Don’t worry, Teresina, I’ll always be with you!
[Cue transformation ending]
Lance: Teresina, you’re…. small
:iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 2 1
Otekki Crew Special Script: Transformations P.3
Otekki Crew Special Script: Transformations P.3
Otekki Crew Special Script: Railee and Otekki's transformation, and Qiang Sheng and Harrison's transformation
[Cue Harrison, 50, and, Qiang Sheng, 20, in Admin’s living room.]
Harrison: Youngun, I’ve been wondering….
Qiang Sheng: Yes?...
Harrison: You are very well bulit, strong, and skilled at many things. How is that even possible for someone so young?
Qiang Sheng: I train a lot.
[Cue transformation starting]
Qiang Sheng: Hey, elder Houston, why are you turning green?
Harrison: Youngun, why are you turning green and being shorter by the second?
Qiang Sheng: Same to you, elder! You are become more… smaller?
Harrison: No, no, no, no! This may not be!
Qiang Sheng: Elder, calm down!
Harrison: Calm down?! What will Admin say about this?!
Qiang Sheng: If we explain….
Harrison: By boot, she wouldn’t care!
[Cue transformation ending]
Qiang Sheng: …Great… I wonder what will become of us like t
:iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 1 2
Draw this again: Ladies of the Otekki Crew by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Draw this again: Ladies of the Otekki Crew :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 1 0 I'm back... by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew I'm back... :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 3 0 Question 75- Floor is Jelly by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Question 75- Floor is Jelly :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 2 3 Jung-Oh x Shin-Cho (Not to be mistaken) by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Jung-Oh x Shin-Cho (Not to be mistaken) :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 2 4 Admin's a bit regretful of what she said... by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Admin's a bit regretful of what she said... :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 1 0 Johnthan x Stinkness?.... by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew Johnthan x Stinkness?.... :iconask-the-otekki-crew:Ask-The-Otekki-Crew 2 21
( Listen, there's another Om Nom ask account that is :iconask-om-nom:. He'll happily reply to your questions! :aww: )

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( No, I'm not dead. 

I just wanted to catch up on my main account, Mirabelleleaf31 :iconmirabelleleaf31:.

Anyways, I need to catch up on a few requests and a few questions and things will be back to normal.

I'll also be announcing that the second event, the Farm animal event will occur on Friday, June 6th. I promise you. )

Rougent: What animal am I again?...,

(I don't know, wait until the second event, will you?...)
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Happy Chinese New Year 2014 by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew
Om Nom Stamp by SazLeigh ::iconcuttheropeplz:

Otekki Crew: A New Adventure Personality Quiz
by Ask-The-Otekki-Crew, 12s ago
Journals / Personal
( Only consisting new characters from the "A New Adventure" series. )

Gab-Do Ahn

() You are cheerful most of the time.
() You love to eat.
() You have a hat that resembles your Nommie form.
() You love the color turquoise.
() You hate anyone who talks smack to your siblings and/or friends.
() You are the happy-go-lucky triplet.
() You have (or wish to have) light blue hair.

Shin-Cho Ahn

() You always love to look your best.
() You love to decorate in any way.
() You carry flowers (or anything smelling fresh) around you at all times.
() You love the color sapphire (or any shade of blue).
() You would get your hands dirty to save your loved ones.
() You are the clean freak triplet.
() You have (or wish to have) shiny light sapphire hair.

Jung-Oh Ahn

() You are hardworking.
() You work on organizing things often.
() You always carry a cleaning utensil such as a rake or at times, when robbers come around you place mirrors to trick them.
() You love the color dark blue.
() You don't care if others insult you.
() You are the intelligent triplet.
() You have (or wish to have) light cerulean hair.

Teresina Vargas

() You forgive and forget easily.
() You always embrace others when they are feeling sad or happy.
() You carry an umbrella just in case it rains at where you live.
() You love the color cerulean.
() You always give out a smile even on the toughest times.
() You are compassionate and caring.
() You have (or wish to have) midnight blue or light blue hair and/or a curl of your hair that acts like a spring.

Lance Yushomara

() You love to swim.
() You have puffy cheeks.
() You hate being called out of the water unless it's your crush.
() You love the color orange.
() You use a sash or your special weapon to get out of sticky situations.
() You are tough, but sweet. (Especially around your crush)
() You have (or wish to have) orange hair.

Rotori Machiavelli

() You love to fly.
() You have (or wish to have) a hat that allows you to fly.
() You get annoyed by robbers constantly trying to steal from your village.
() You love the color yellow.
() You know your way around your neighborhood.
() You are the peacemaker when your family and/or friends fight.
() You have (or wish to have) blonde or golden hair.

Dong Bo Tamaki

() You love to scare people to no end.
() You have a creepy smile.
() You hate the smell of anything stinky even though you live in a stinky place.
() You love the color indigo (mixture of blue and purple).
() You can outsmart the Spider Children or any one who tries to harm or steal from you.
() You are very lonely at times.
() You have (or wish to have) indigo hair.

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Hello, people! The Otteki Crew is here! Just ask away!
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