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This account is only Semi Active now! You’re free to chat with me if we used to be friends here, but please note you will need to remind me if we were friends as my memory is terrible now haha.


Art by me of one of my Mains Sonas!

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Shield Hero, SAO, BNHA
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Alec Benjamin, Mothica, etc
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Minecraft, ACNH, Stardew Valley
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I’m realizing recently that I sadly don’t really use three of my Bagbeans so I’m unfortunately going to be trading/selling them! However I am mainly only looking for Scarfoxes, Chams, and CCcats for them (mostly Scarfoxes) All their THs can be seen in the below link (you have to be logged in to see them) the ONLY THREE for trade/sale are: Sebastian, Ciel, and Blank. I am HIGHLY TENT with Blank as he was my first ever Bagbean and I will be very sad to see him go, but he deserves a better home than me. Sebastian and Ciel have written Trials together that can be seen on my account. They were for Sebastian’s Fishing Trials. (my WoG account for MLS) KOIZ AND SAKURA ARE NOT FOR TRADE/SALE. They are my Bagbean Sonas and I will not be parting with them. Koiz is based off my normal Sona and is a “form” of him so he will not be leaving me ever. Trade Wise: For
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As the world would have it these two just can’t ever seem to agree on things. “Oh what have I done now to upset you Ciel?” Exasperated Sebastian flopped back onto the velvet couch. “All I did was go out on my own for a day is that so wrong?” Really Ciel knew yet again that he was over reacting, and that he probably seemed really childish for doing these things constantly. But this time he had some minor reasons for doing so, because it wasn’t just him getting upset over nothing. “....even....even if I try to explain it to you, you’re just going to brush me off again as if it means nothing to you. As if you don’t even care.” Ciel ran out of Sebastians home in tears, and as the seconds passed he knew he messed up again. Even if last time he knew he should learn to better understand and speak with Ciel, he still needed time to get used to having loved ones who actually want to be around him rather than him being all on his lonesome. Sebastian knew he had to make it up to
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Trials to Sebastian were never hard, the beginning he learned he had to fend for himself and live his own life, so he took the beginning first few trials of his very seriously, so he says. With barely any friends nor family he found himself, being on his own actually gave him confidence in who he felt he was. But after doing several trials alone, he felt as though they had no meaning, as if he was just blindly walking through the days and the trials ahead of him because it’s what everyone had to do. So he just stopped. For a long time he didn’t touch the trials, even if other strangers and beans would tell him they were good for him or important for their own personal growth, he felt no need to take the trials. Until the day he found a reason in a little bean he met. It wasn’t immediate mind you, it took several attempts for Ciel to convince him to join him in trial completions. Since Sebastian had already completed a few trials, so when Ciel had first asked him to do some of them
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happy birthday loser <3 !!
come back or imma drag you outta canada damn it
hey there!! Happy birthday! :iconlainloveplz:
&& ;; hey it's becky i hope you come back
i miss my almost birthday buddy ❤️ and sliver 
i even got a facebook to talk to you
or your maybe get your number 😣
since i finally got a connected phone 😔
sliva where you go 😤

>:v pls come back !!