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"I was a human, breathing and thinking
Eating and drinking, philosophizing
I was a human, before you killed me
And ripped my heart out, I knew what love was

Now when they ask me, I just reply slow
And sound like an iPhone
I do not know love, I am a robot"

I really want to use Seth more, especially try to get him to interact with other oc's. Just so he can try to establish healthy relationships and have him figure out can if he  deserves to be happy. 

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Lil-Pierrot's avatar
goddamn this guy needs friends and to be happy
this piece is beautiful like omg))
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
He needs to feel like he deserves those things first ;v; )9 
thankyousomuch ))
Lil-Pierrot's avatar
Welp that's a conundrum how is that going to happen
you're welcome!))
Pepperistia's avatar
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
Thank you so much ;v; ))
Mei-Song's avatar
Wow this is gorgeous!

Also, Seth needs to like have a friend before he has a romantic relationship. Poor guy needs someone who isn't gonna leave him the moment things go south
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
Thank you so much!! ;;v;; 

Yeah yeah! I really want him try to make some friends  first ))
Mei-Song's avatar

Well, I hope he finds someone : D Of course, I wouldn't mind offering up my own ocs to rp with him. 
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
D'aww thanks

And sure! ))
Mei-Song's avatar
Not for anythimg romantic lol. Just for friend reasons. I have some guys who can tolerate a lot of shit. XD ))
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
AnimeNoelle's avatar
just wanna hug him, your style is sooo beautiful
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
D'aww thank you so much! ;v; ))
AnimeNoelle's avatar
:3 your welcome!!! <3
Sprikel's avatar
or, you could torture him by making him still really fucked up by being possessed
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
I'm trying to go forward with his development, so I don't think possession will be anywhere in his future for now ;;v;; ))
Sprikel's avatar
no i dont mean possess him again, i mean have him be really fucked up in the mind n shit as after effects
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
Ohh I see, I'm sure symptoms of that will present later c: ))
Lilac-Tear's avatar
this is stunning!! that heart looks so awesome! 
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
Thank you so much! :iconhappytearplz: ))
R-Doll's avatar
How interesting yet tragic. The solar eclipse, golden threads, and a beating heart that drips like honey. Nice poetry (I presume) in the description. 
Wonderful pic. It has a cool contrast that there's light behind the veil of darkness.

It's superstition and perhaps coincidence, some say that misfortunes comes right after a solar eclipse.
Ask-Poison-Princess's avatar
Thank you very much for the kind words!

The words are actually from a song I was playing when I started this drawing ;v; )b ))
R-Doll's avatar
You're welcome
Ooo, that does certainly add to the atmosphere of your pic
Must have pushed you forward with angst and power
SweetGelato's avatar
damn DAMN damn
this came out so great like oh my god I love seths expression and like face like how its painted is so sharp but smooth
and that heart man damn i love the colors and glow 
just love this ahhh 
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