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Hello! I am still currently on Hiatus, but while I am on hiatus, I finally made my decision regarding the whole "Vanny" situation I had earlier. I will be seperating the current "Vanny" from the canonical one (bec Im not shipping possible incest lol and I dont like the "its an au" excuse), who I will be including in the account once I've returned. This is a work in progress of the redesign + the canonical vanny that I will eventually include here as well- and I'll eventually work to replace all of her previous asks with the new one at some point. Please give me your critique! This design is still beta, so I might change a few things- If you have any suggestions on features you'd prefer on her OR Vanessa, I'm all ears! (Also, if it wasn't obvious enough, her new name will be Penny, and I will not be answering to questions that call her Vanny) IF you have complains regarding the inclusion of an oc, please let me know! I would love to continue having Glitchtrap be harassed by a waifu and not have to abandon their story, but if you'd rather there not be any oc's, I won't die without that! I can still enjoy glitchy being a bad boy and having his own silly antics.

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I never liked OCS

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I love Penny and Vanny. They are both adorable.

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Tbh. I think Vanessa last name stands for afton. Maybe lost sister? Michael adopted daughter? Auntie Or mother? We are not quite sure until we wait for security breach to come out. I think she is afton kIds older sibling who haven't showed up for long time.

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I agree that I think that the A stands for afton, but I cant exactly predict HOW she's supposed to be related though! (tbh my immediate assumption is that it'd be kept vague and it's never really explained, it'd just be that she is somehow an afton BUT we'll see when it happens)

So Vanny will not appear anymore?

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The vanny that you've known up til now will be switched to Penny, and a new, more canon-like Vanny will take the place of that Vanny. So, the personality and story are still there, but the design is changing to penny! The only thing thats going away is the current design, which I WOULD keep, but I don't want penny to be mistaken FOR Vanny when I do switch the two.

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dude I love her design!!

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Who cares if she's an Oc now? Still looks awesome!

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I really like Vanny's new design! I would make it slightly darker since it looked a bit pale, but It looks good otherwise. I would make her human ver have slightly more blonder hair, since it looks a bit odd.

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Yep, I plan to optimize Vanny and Vanessa's colors a bit more, their colors are a lot less definite- just more of idea since i scribbles this on mspaint and used a lot of the defaults just so they didnt look plain next to fully colored penny XD - thank you for your advice!

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That sounds like a good idea, since her fur is already white and very light markings wouldn really look great. And you're welcome!

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To behonest, do what you want. It wont't matter if you include one OC by the mass of characters you have show already.

I would just wait for the split until we know more about the new game. As of far, it could be that Vanny and Vanessa are the same person, or they are complete strangers and Vanny is stealing the security guard's identity to get it.

Heck, they could even be twins for all I know.

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Yeah, I'll definitely try to wait a bit before cementing anything- regardless if theyre related though, Vanny and Glitchtrap's relationship took a turn that I wasnt ENTIRELY expecting (as in, ending up being an abusive relationship)- so, I'd rather not ship a canonically abusive pairing anyways.

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However you decide to contine and whatever you come up with in regards of your story, I'm sure it's going to be amazing.

And, yea. It's understandable if you don't want to ship an abusive relationship and in your right not to do so. It's your story.

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i wasn't expecting to see you in my feed

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