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Rules and Regulations:

1) All art submitted to the group will be in the form of an answer to a question or work contain a member's Adventure Time original character.

2) All content of group submissions must be appropriate. Content deemed inappropriate by the group staff will not be allowed to be submitted into any group folder. Members who submit inappropriate content regularly or attempt to resubmit denied images containing such content may be subject to reprimand by the group staff. The definition of inappropriate content and how to avoid infractions with this rule are as follows:
a. Gore: Any image containing excessive blood, guts, mutilation, violent death, or physically graphic scenes or scenarios will not be allowed in the group. If it is part of your character's background, please avoid vivid detail on the circumstances.
b. Sexual Themes: Any sexualized image of one's character is subject to refusal on the discretion of the staff. This includes, but is not limited to: sexually intended partial nudity, full nudity, sexual language, and kink-art. Please keep your OCs appropriately covered.
c. Strong Language: Images or responses containing inappropriate uses of strong language may be deemed inappropriate and barred from being submitted. We trust that you know which words are inappropriate, and if you don't then this probably won't be an issue for you. If you're having difficulty avoiding strong language, we suggest using less harmful words as substitutes such as; math, flub, heck, flip, stuff, etc.
d. Drugs/Alcohol: Images or responses including any character regardless of affiliation (good/neutral/evil) using, promoting, or abusing harmful or controlled substances such as alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, or tobacco products may be deemed inappropriate and barred from being submitted. We are trying to keep this group as true to the wholesome nature of Adventure Time as possible. If you’re having difficulty finding a substitute for controlled substances such as alcohol or tobacco products, we suggest integrating less harmful substances, such as apple cider, tea, or incense.
e. Dress up Generator & Using Bases: Do not submit any form of dress up game generators OCs or base art drawn OCs. All submissions must be drawn. Everyone is equal to draw something of their own.

3) Appropriate group conduct is expected of all members, regardless of affiliation, seniority, or membership status. Any member found to be behaving in a malicious or inappropriate manner will be reprimanded by group administrative officials and may be suspended or banned from the group depending on the severity of the infraction after an administrative vote. Conduct which is subject to reprimand is as follows:
a. Slanderous Conduct: Any member found to be spreading rumors or slanderous lies about another member will be reprimanded by the group staff.
b. Bashing and Flaming: Members publicly or privately spreading hurtful or hateful messages about any other member of the group or Deviant Art community will be reprimanded by group staff.
c. Spamming and Solicitation: Members publicly or privately sending unwanted spam or solicitation messages to another member of the group or Deviant Art community will be reprimanded by group staff.
d. Drama Llamas: If administrative staff receives one or more complaints about any member(s) causing unwanted “drama,” the offending member(s) will be investigated and may be reprimanded. Administration will attempt to mediate all disagreements as best we can.

4) The group Founder and Co-Founders are the group's administrative staff and have full control of the group, submission and membership requests, special events. The administrative staff is in place to ensure the group runs smoothly, efficiently, and in an organized fashion. Please regard the administrators with respect and take their decisions as final.
a. If you believe that you have been treated unfairly with regards to the posted rules by any of the administrative staff, please contact the club founder or another administrator.
b. All other questions, comments, or concerns regarding group administration should be submitted through note to the group. Please do not send notes regarding the group to administrators' personal accounts.

5) Administrative positions will not be awarded upon request. All administrators have been recognized for their dedication to answering questions, interest in improving the group, and general adherence to the rules and regulations.
a. :star: Please do not ask to be made a member of Contributors or Co-Founders, these positions will be awarded by merit to members of the group the administrative staff believes to be worthy.

6) All new admittances will enter the group as Members. Contributors will be selected by administrative staff as Members who consistently prove to be active members in the group willing to do their part to help it grow and prosper.
a. Members will not request to be made a Contributor.
b. *Relative group activity is a flexible term which can be changed from season to season as Contributors become generally more or less busy. We understand that school and work keeps schedules busy, and will be very lenient in enforcing relative group activity.
c. :star: Current Relative Group Activity Requirement: One group submission every two weeks.
d. Should a Contributor find themselves unable to meet the Relative Group Activity Requirement due to an outside force (e.g. an extended vacation, a change in work schedule, a change in exams/schoolwork load, a family crisis, etc.) They are asked to contact group administration to notify them of hiatus.
e. Contributors who consistently do not meet the Relative Group Activity Requirement or become inactive will be warned and given a leniency period of one week before Contributor status may be revoked.

7) Not all administrative decisions are final until voted upon. If you wish to take up an issue with any ruling, contact the administrative staff through a note to the group and your inquiry will be discussed and voted on in a timely fashion.

8) All submissions will be placed in the correct folder. Information on each folder can be found here
a.) All submissions to incorrect folders will be denied and given a comment as to the correct folder it should be in.
b.) The "other" folder is not a dump, don't treat it like one.
c.) Co-founders repeatedly accepting works into the wrong folder are subject to reprimands. When a request is denied it must be accompanied by a comment of some form as to why unless it is a personal journal.
d.) Do not submit personal journals into the gallery. All personal journals will be denied without comment.










What time is it?

If you’re a member of this group, than I’m sure you already know lol.
But just in case you don’t, let me tell you the answer.

It’s ~
ADVENTURE TIME!!!..........finale.

That’s right.
After 8 fun years of enjoying the wonderful world of Ooo and all its wacky characters and interesting lore, the show is finally about to come to a close next week. And didn’t really hit me how much I would miss this show until I saw the SDCC panel about it on YouTube...and just listened to the actors and how they already miss it...ESPECIALLY Jake’s actor. Omg he gave me such feels *sobs*.

I don’t want to get TOO sentimental and personal, since this is a group journal and all lol, but this show has really meant A LOT to me and I am sure it has meant ( or once meant) a lot to you guys too. This group and this community has meant a lot to me also, even with its ups and downs lol. ; v ;

And I just sit and think about how much fun and life used to be in this group when it first started we would have balls for our royals...or do a bunch of memes and stuff...just “something”, but we haven’t done a group thing in A LONG TIME.

So I just wanted to make a little suggestion for a meme for the group.
A little homage to go along with Adventure Time’s finale~ and just to spread some nice words and good vibes around. ; v ;

Nostalgia Time Meme

( OG Throwback Challenge )

Do you remember the first time you had an idea for an Adventure Time OC and drew them out?
Maybe that OC is your favorite now, your “go-to” muse when you need something to draw, or maybe you have moved on from them to focus on another OC, or maybe you don’t draw your ATOCs another and are just a watcher of the group now, BUT do remember your time here and your OC.

No matter what the case is, we wanna see that beautiful AT baby of yours~!

*Rules for this challenge*
-Character MUST be drawn as their FIRST, ORIGINAL design. DO NOT base it on any redesigns OR their current design. This is a throwback after all lol.

-I would prefer for the character to be drawn in Adventure Time style ( or as close as possible to that), since this is an homage to the show, BUT if you wanna draw them in your style, than that is ok to. Do whatever feels most comfortable to you.

-If you wanna put a link to your OC’s first picture OR put their old picure in your piece, that is fine! We would love to see how much your art has progressed over the years! > v <

-In the description of your piece, it would be nice if you would include some history of your OC (like how you came about to making them), some good memories, and what this OC means to you. ; v ;

-If you wanna do this challenge, but don’t have time to redraw your OC, just leave a comment with a link to your OC’s first pic (or oldest pic of them if you deleted the first one) and then gush about your OC in it, so that way people who read the journal can still see and read about your baby.

-If you participate in the challenge, post a comment with your drawing on it, so we all can see it! 😊

( Inspiration Challenge)

More than likely, it was probably an AT ask account here that inspired you to create your own more than the show itself, right? I’ve heard a LOT of people say that over the years that seeing others ask accounts inspired them to make their own. Do you remember which ask account/accounts inspired you? Have you made a friend/ friends here that you love dearly and are so thankful for this community to have let you met them? Now is your chance to express that feeling~ YOUR FEELINGS~ > 7 <

*Rules for this challenge*
-Draw a picture of the OC from the ask account who inspired you to make an account here( even if that account is inactive now). If they have several OCs, you can just draw the one that you were smitten with first OR if you want you can draw more than one. It is up to you.

-In the description of your piece, write about how their account inspired you to make your own and what you love about their OC, and the admin.

-If you have made friends here and want to draw their OCs and gush about how much you love both them and their OC/OCs, DO IT! >:3c

-Just like the throwback challenge, do not draw the character in their current design, but the first one you saw them in. However, if the admin has deleted ALL TRACES of the OCs earlier design\designs, then you can go ahead and draw them in their current one.

-Also like the throwback challenge, I would prefer for the character to be drawn in Adventure Time style ( or as close as possible to that), since this is an homage to the show, BUT if you wanna draw them in your style, than that is ok to. Do whatever feels most comfortable to you.

-If you participate in the challenge, post a comment with your drawing on it, so we all can see it! 😊


And that’s it ; v ; /

I hope you guys will consider participating and I hope you’ll have fun taking a trip down memory lane doing so. ; v ;
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