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TITLE: Witch of Life

Age: 6 Alternian solar sweeps (13 Earth years)

SCREEN NAME:cuttlefishCuller

TYPING STYLE: Uses )( instead of an h, when using capital E's puts a hyphen before the E. Smilies also have a tiara and goggles 38D, also uses fish puns whenever she can.
Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Relations: ERIDAN AMPORA - MOIRAIL (Separated)
GL'BGOLYB - LUSUS/Sprite (Deceased)


Feferi gets really -EXCIT----------------ED! easily. She is also very perky and energetic when talking to other trolls, and does not put on airs of superiority like the BLUE BLOODS, despite being in the highest caste in troll society. Instead, she insists that she is not better than any other troll. According to the whispers of her LUSUS, she will eventually unite the two races. Feferi initially believed it corresponded to the Land and Sea Dwelling trolls, but when warned of the upcoming apocalypse, she discarded this notion, claiming "not all prophecies can come true". In retrospect, the two races could refer to the trolls and humans, since she was the first to contact the KIDS through THE FURTHEST RING.
Feferi is almost entirely optimistic and fearless. Even when confronted by the horrorterrors that terrified both Karkat and Jade, Feferi remains gleeful and insists that they are not so bad once one gets to know them. Her tolerance towards them comes from the interactions with her monstrous lusus.

She also seems to be masking a slightly rude and insulting side, which becomes a lot more apparent after her death, as she jokingly calls Jade retarded for not knowing what a lusus was as well as calling her stupid before pointing out she was dead, though whether this was actually Feferi has yet to be seen. She does however act like she's upset at Vriska just to irritate her and has been known to openly mock Eridan.


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Ask--Feferi's Profile Picture

♓ ᘐᒪᘮᗷ ♓

Feferi Peixes | cuttlefishCuller

Glub glub glub glub glub!

IM SO -EXIT----ED! 38D



===> Feferi: tell them about yourself

You are a SEA DWELLER. You have the most noble blood possible, the only of your kind known to possess it, and the only to share it with GL'BGOLYB, a deep sea monster also known as THE RIFT'S CARBUNCLE, EMISSARY TO THE HORRORTERRORS, or in more hushed tones, SPEAKER OF THE VAST GLUB.

This makes you the HEIR APPARENT for Alternian rulership, which ordinarily would place you in considerable jeopardy. HER IMPERIOUS CONDESCENSION would steer the flagship from the fleet and make an attempt on your life herself, if not for the protection of your monstrous lusus.

And if not forewarned of your race's extinction by the whispers of that lusus, you would have BIG PLANS FOR THE THRONE. All the plans. All of them.

You would redefine what it means to be CULLED in troll society. Under your rule it would mean caring for the unfit and infirm rather than exterminating them, and you have put this idea into practice by CULLING THE FAUNA OF THE DEEP. You tend to wild and beautiful AQUATIC HOOFBEASTS, grooming and feeding them daily. You capture and cage CUTTLEFISH by the thousands for their own good, and also because they are funny and colorful and you love them. They often swim through the bars of their cages, but that is fine. You run your whole palace as a sort of WILDLIFE ADOPTION FACILITY, even if the wildlife's need for care is dubious at best, and the practice really just amounts to an elaborate ROLE PLAYING SCENARIO. It's still fun though.

You would also look forward to using your reign to UNITE THE TWO RACES. You were told you would do this one day by your lusus, even if it does contradict her message of extinction. Oh well, you suppose NOT ALL PROPHECIES CAN COME TRUE.


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Ask2Blossomfall Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
What you do if you found everything and one you love dead and it was all HIC's fault
The-Makara-Messiah Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Miss Feferi, how much do you love Gl'bgolyb, or, your Lusus?

(by the way your art is so ADORABLE!! :0 )
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How are you so glubbing cute!
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hi Feferi! X3
what are your thoughts on ever being moirails with jade? or at least close to being moirails >u<
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Hello Feferi
Might I Inquire Of Your Well Being
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why is Vriska such a bitch?
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Hello Miss Fishy Princess!
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