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11x11 greys

a lot of african greys *-*
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I love this! I own a CAG, they are amazing parrots :)
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Thank you!
Yeah, they are!
I hope, you have two birds. One is always alone!
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 this made me smile :)
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Did you draw them with the bird as reference? :D I love these birds. I want them someday
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First I took a lot of shots. Then I made a lot of sketches. And then I drew them on the PC ;)
I reckon I draw 5 diffrent charakters.
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They are all very good drawings that represent the shape of the bird very well. I love the shape of their head =p
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Beautiful. I especially love all of the ones doing "parroty" type things like preening or hanging upside down.
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Great collection of drawings :D
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nice! did you work from photos or from live model? Our grey poses a lot like the one in the lower right corner to the right of your sig. He also hangs upside-down a lot.
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I work from photos (my own shots ^^)
One time I'll try to do it from live models. But I think there is a little problem. They want to have the pencil too.
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Very expressive birds eh? :D
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Hehe the poses are very typical for the species :giggle:
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love love love this! Never enough greys! :D
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never enough greys -> exactly! ;)
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I love this. My own is on my shoulder right now!
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hi little grey on the shoulder! how are you?
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Hehe. Henry is just fine. He's actually in his 'house' (cage) right now, since I am getting ready to leave for my afternoon classes soon. He'll be back on my shoulder again tonight!
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