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Fa'Diel Saga: The Path of the Jumi 1
Episode 1: Allies Are Found.  Domina Under Attack.
A young jumi knight made his way through the crowded town square in the peaceful town of Domina.  His green cape brushed the ground behind his steps.  He stood out immediately in this particular crowd due to his bright green hat and purple clothing.  His companion, not much less conspicuous than him, was garbed in a long white robe with a pearl necklace hanging from her neck.  A long sword in it's scabbard clanked against the knight's thigh as he walked with booted feet.  This knight was obviously accustomed to travel as his only armor was an obsidian hauberk.  His green cape was sewn from fine sultan's silk and lined with fur from a rabite.  Such fine seamstresses were rare in this day and age.  Most denizens of Fa'Diel appreciated the simpler things in life and had no room for such finery.  
His companion's light blue dress and white r
:iconshadowkaze:shadowkaze 9 5
Dissidia Chapter XII
Bartz shuffled his way along the edge, carefully placing one foot next to the other. "Almost there, Terra," he called, his voice sounding more shaky than he liked.
The girl next to him made an uncertain noise in reply. Her head was bowed, her green hair falling in her face as she stared over the edge. Horror was reflected in her eyes.
Bartz cautiously leaned out to look down as well. The narrow strip of grass they were currently standing on dropped off sharply to reveal a blue sky and white clouds trailing lazily by. Looking to see where it ended, he tilted out so far that in a frightening moment, he lost his balance. Cold fear ripped through his chest as he backpedalled and crashed onto the stone wall directly behind him. He rested as limply as he could without falling, feeling sick. Terra looked up, alarmed.
"I-if you fall, I'll- I'll catch you." Bartz gasped, trying not to skip a beat. Terra offered a small smile as thanks, but didn't believe him.
Eventually the path became wide eno
:iconairskai:airskai 4 117
Deal With Chaos
Once there was a man named Cid. Of the ancient Lufaine race, Cid was a kind man who cared deeply for his wife and the son they had adopted. However, life was not kind to the man, for upon seeing the potential within the boy, the rulers of the world wished to make him into a weapon. Cid and his wife tried desperately to save their son, culminating in their own capture and an escape. Cid fled only to find his wife no longer with him, having been shot on her way out. Full of fury and agony at the course of events, Cid found himself within the Endless Void, now contacted by the great dragon Shinryuu. A pact was formed between the two, creating a world where his son’s rebirth  would be ensured, where he could go strong enough to retaliate against the world which had taken so much from Cid.
In actuality, Cid’s wife had not died. She lived on to see her son once more before his life fell into obscurity, eventually tapping a power deep within her, a power that led her to be
:iconlaxex:Laxex 12 1
Disharmony - Prologue
The black pillar of smoke that rose from the southwestern region of glittering Lighthalzen was so big and thick that the guards deployed from the barracks up north of the city thought that it had come out of a scene from one of their worst nightmares. The black bulges of smoke and filth had blotted out the light of the stars in that part of the city. An unbelievable stench, comparable only to the grime and scum from the slums, wafted in all directions. People gagged and vomited on the spot. The siren rang shrilly through the night. Most of the citizens from the region had already been evacuated, and forty minutes ago, Rekenber Corporation had officially issued a quarantine order.
Guards in their caps, batons, brown over-alls and red scarves had already rushed to the scene with several Agit guardians intent on putting the fire from the Somatology Laboratories with great buckets of water. Anxious citizens of glittering and glorious Lighthalzen who lived in the safer northern sections wat
:iconsanguinum-lacrymis:sanguinum-lacrymis 4 4
Goatlord and The Kid - Part 2
— My son, we have to find that kid again. – said Goatlord.
— D-d-daddy! What are you saying?! That monster will kill us if you find he! – said Junior, in despair. – the thunders were flashing constantly over the skies.
— Don’t worry my son. I’m sure he won’t hurt us anymore. – said Goatlord, securely.
Goatlord walked through the forests in the direction of Glast Heim. Until he finds the limits of the forest, and a large, dead camp. The kid was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of zombies and skeletons armed with swords and knifes.
— Oh my, that kid is going to die! – says Junior, hidding behind Goatlord’s large horns.
— I’m not sure. Those monsters are very weak, but that mass amount would destroy a whole city. – says Goatlord, hidden in the large bushes.
The kid was looking around, without any expression of emotions. He just picked up his scythe in his back, pointed to the skies, them the ground. Saying:
:iconribozurai:RiboZurai 2 0
A Poring's Tale
A Poring's Tale
     Hello! I am a poring. What is it you say? What am I? I am shocked to hear that! But, I will answer your question, silly man.
     I am a plant-monster. I scurry the grounds of Rune-Midgard for food. I eat anything [although that anything stays inside my body for a long time]. My race – the porings – has only one color which is pink. I am considered by many as cute. Now silly man, I hope these facts have helped.
     What now? Why am I talking to you? Am I not worthy of your time, silly man? All I ask is a moment of your life – to hear my story.
     I grew up in the area south of Prontera. Now you would have thought that I didn't have bad childhood memories… but I had! I grew up smaller than the average poring and because of that – I became the butt of jokes.
     There was this ache inside me every time I go with them so
:iconarethwrites:arethwrites 4 8
Blood-Tipped: Brothers' Tale 1
"The slums of Lighthalzen" conjured an image of ragged beggars clawing past each other in the mud in search for the next half-rotted morsel to fill their emaciated bodies, and Maku despised that irreparable misconception. Yes, the white singlet he wore wasn't without its tears, and he did have to endure the occasional hunger pangs, but he believed it made him that much more of a man to wear and eat only what he could earn from all the wild herbs he collected and sold to Makkie at the bar. He was no miserable beggar, and even that pansy-ass Digotz would say so... as soon as he arrived.
"He's sure taking a long time..." Maku muttered impatiently, casting a wary glance about the whitewashed shacks and splintering crates for any eavesdroppers. "Not that I'm waiting for him or anything... just wanna give him a full course meal of pain, is what I'm saying," he added in a louder voice, but any would-be invisible listener remained so.
Maku sighed, his gaze inevitably straying toward the ominou
:icontheroadlesshumped:TheRoadLessHumped 7 9
Ragnarok: A Bloody Path..
A Bloody Path
A tale of a human who was chosen by.. Darkness
The thirst for death remained, written plainly in his blood thirsty eyes. The slaughter of innocent people, hearing their screams of fright that echoed through the caves, earning shrieks and cries from the wounded and the dying. He rang out an empty, joyless, triumphant laugh, one that sent shivers down one's spine. The power he had obtained whilst his journey around the whole of Rune-Midgard Kingdom, it was just too much…
He found himself sinking deeper and deeper into his own abyss of hate, despair, sadness and nearing closer to the darkness until he was drowned in it... Unable to break through to the surface of it all. Ever again. Never would he, never COULD he, return to the way he lived before. Now forced to dwell in his own ocean of hate, darkness, fury and solitude. He could NEVER return to who he used to be, because there was no way his heart could be released from darkness.
Unless leaving th
:iconseinnen:Seinnen 20 14
FlyFF Prologue
The sun in its traditional route across the brilliantly n sky seemed to pause over the unusual peaceful scene. Peace, in the stricken land of Madrigal. Ever since the Masked Clown had unleashed his creation of Masker Pet on the lands a scene of peace had rarely existed. Peace and war did not exist together; love and hate did not exist together. It was a hard lesson learned, and one involving heartache.
In the eons the magnificent fiery chariot had ridden its driven path, it was a lesson is knew well. The question that seemed etched across the sky was whether or not the young couple in the field of white was aware of the lesson that would soon become apparent.
:iconfidelis-raor:Fidelis-Raor 1 0
Darkon Days
"It was the drollest of days.  It was how Darkon always was. Depressing clouds loomed permanently over the lands, always threatening to release their cold tears upon the barren landscape below, where only monsters made of machines thrived, rebuilding their own kind, reproducing in their own twisted, mechanical way.  Only the strongest and bravest of warriros fought here.
The glowing metal parts of broken monsters laid scattered about, but just as much were accompanied by the gore of human corpses, maimed and brutally broken.  Whether their death was caused by the drillers boring deep into their gut, being electricuted by the volt, or having one's limbs sliced and ripped off by the eldergaurd, their fates were the same.  Their bodies had been mutilated.  Resurrection was impossible.
There was a way, however.  The few elect had discovered a method to survive in the otherwise intollerable conditions.  To carry a brave a
:iconfuefuki:fuefuki 1 3
Ch 1 - Billeien the Knight
During times of conflict and strife, heroes will always come forth to save the day.
Everyone soul in this world has heard stories such as that. An evil force overtakes the good and the innocent, and in response, heroes rise to the occasion and defend the people. And the heroes, after a long and arduous battle, would always triumph. Every little boy and girl grew up on those tales, dreaming of epic adventure far beyond what their own sheltered lives had to offer. In truth, it even was the reason I became a mercenary. I was born into a time of struggle – a precise example of a time in need of heroes.
Years have passed, yet still no heroes have appeared.
I learned quickly that the excitement inspired by those tales were vastly wrong. The path of the sword is a bloody, vicious one, and I have come a long way from being that starry-eyed child I once was, all those years ago. This war has hardened me in both body and soul. I am no longer a dreamer – I am a defender of the weak a
:iconakistell:Akistell 1 1
Cavo's Tale Part 2
Cavo sighed and took in a deep breath of the meadow air. He had traveled a good day to get here, and it wouldn't take him long to go after the nearby Aibatts. He hadn't actually ever seen Aibatts before, but a large amount of classes dealt with identifying the different forms of Maskerpet. For instance, an especially important concept was knowing the difference between the weaker Aibatts and the stronger Flybatts. If an inexperience vagrant tried to take on these larger foes, then it was more than likely not even their corpse would be found.
As of right now, the standings stood at: Cavo showing up last, as usual. He actually had a good reason for it this time, not that he usually didn't, but his idea of important and anyone else’s varied. In all honesty, it really was a good reason. As the short male had been making his way through the huge stone archway, the WarriorMaster had stepped in front of him, thus, preventing him from leaving, and so, he was late. Just remember the lengt
:iconfidelis-raor:Fidelis-Raor 1 0
The Fifth Rising: part 3
Hidden Strengths
I was leaving base 3 of the Scavengers of Flaris, heading for the city when Nelo came running up behind me.
"Yeah?" I replied.
"Hitting the job office?"
"Of course."
"You actually plan on taking a job this time?"
"Ok. I'm just saying. It's been six months."
"So I should stop trying to find out who I am?"
"I didn't say that Chen. All I'm saying is that trying to figure out your past doesn't have to hold back your future."
We stood in silence a moment longer. A slight gust of wind rolled across Flaris.
"Besides, you still owe me a ton of money." Nelo finally said, with a smile. "I hope you don't plan on riding my coat tails forever."
"Good. I'm going to come along though."
"What? Why?"
"Well, it's been a while since I've taken a job at the office. Besides, I get the feeling you might need my help. You're still a little green after all."
With a sigh I replied, "Whatever, let's just go."
We took the same familiar path leading around to the No
:icondjsmith:DJSmith 1 0
The Fifth Rising: part 7
Truth of All Matters
The Scavenger flagship was stopped in the air south of the three continents on neutral territory, surrounded on each side by the flagships of the four cities. All ships were flying smaller white flags under their own. Deep inside the Scavenger flag ship, a meeting was taking place the likes of which rarely happened.
"Just allow me to get one thing straight Lady Cerand," Ashel began, with clear agitation in his voice. "You used the tournament as a ruse to move in and steal possibly dangerous technologies from some ruins in my own lands?"
"We have been over this already Lord Ashel. You may turn my words to your hearts content, but the truth remains the same, regardless of spin." Cerand replied, cold as ice.
"I'm just trying to figure out if this "truth" you speak of is any more than just your word, because as of late it would seem that has depreciated in value."
Several people around the room shot out of their seats. The only thing keeping Atrys from doing the
:icondjsmith:DJSmith 1 0
Chapter 3
Chapter 3
It was two years ago when the beasts came. They covered the ground with fire and beams of light that destroyed anything in their path. There were two of them, but that was more than enough to bring Flaris and her citizens to their knees.
Rows's father and Losha's parents were some of the first citizens to take up arms against the giant monsters. They were all accomplished fighters with reputations across all of Madrigal.
But they were also older than their stories. The beasts made quick work of the younger inexperienced fighters. Dead bodies piled the streets like garbage in a sewer. Blood sprayed everywhere.
The screams still echoed in Rows's mind.
She had hidden herself in the cellar of her father's small house. A hole in the boards covering the small cement room from the ground allowed her to witness the carnage.
Within minutes, the only people left were Losha's parents and Rows's father. Losha's mother was right underneath one of the attackers, heaving a sword nearly twic
:iconwhisperung:Whisperung 2 0
CT: Alone in the Future I
Spring was showing every beauty it could for its two stationary visitors. One, a young man, seemed to be the same as the small white plants, staring up at the sky thinking, the hazy gray eyes deep in thought. These thoughts revolved on an unusual axis for the battle-ready mind. All the focus was not on these plans, but instead on the younger brunette woman sitting next to him. She was the only person that brought the state of mind to him. Others cajoled his short stature, laughing at a mercenary whose victims grew though he did not.
The woman disturbed the stillness of the scene as her head turned, a deep green gaze staring at a man whose many battles had created a pattern of white scars. The most prominent etching glared brilliantly on the tan skin was the most fateful of all, an had brought them together. By now she knew how to read the enigmatic looks, and knew that unlike the silent flowers, he was thinking. She was curious as to what it was, and whether it was on the events of the
:iconfidelis-raor:Fidelis-Raor 2 0


'not involved in politics whatsoever'

Moving away! Thank you for all the time and support.

Please do not post my work anywhere else without my permission.


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