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OS X systray for Windows 7 V3

OS X System tray for 7 version 3.0 featuring the BATTERY METER!

I am no longer supporting this project. If you are interested in continuing the project, please see my journal for my project policies!

My other System Tray mods:

-Super Mario System Tray for Windows 7: [link]
-Relevamp System Tray for Windows 7: [link]
-Windows 7 themed hardware icon: [link]
-7 System Tray for Vista: [link]
-OS X System Tray for Vista: [link]
-OS X System Tray for XP: [link]

This is a fully tested and bug free. It is 32 bit AND 64 bit and now includes black and white versions as shown in the preview!. You are free to share and edit the VirtuaWin icons and share the desktop4ever mod as you wish. There may be updates to improve icon quality.

***You MAY NOT edit and share the dll files in any manner without giving me credit for the originals. Please ask permission before including in any pack. All of the OS X icons were either created by me or obtained from public domain sources.***

This download contains the following modded DLL files:
Desktop4Ever.exe mod
VirtuaWin icons
icon resources used to create the DLL files

VirtuaWin is available for download here:
Install VirtuaWin, then follow the instruction provided
in the VirtuaWin Icons folder for installation.

Desktop forever was originally released by landvermasser.
The version available in this download has a new
system tray icon (the OS X user icon) instead of the OS X
desktop icon. To use, copy and paste the Desktop4Ever
folder to your program files folder. Create a shorcut to
the desktop4ever.exe file and place it in your startup
folder in the start menu.

Regarding the DLL files:
I only changed the icons in each file that represent
normal operating conditions. For example, when the action center has no problems, you will see the OS X Time Machine icon. However, when the Action Center is running backup or there is an issue that needs addressed, you will see the native Windows 7 icons. I left it this way for your safety and benefit and also to encourage greater computer care.

To use the DLLs, do the following:

1. Navigate to your system volume (usually C) then to the
WindowsSystem32 folder.

2. Find the actioncenter.dll file. Right click on it and
take ownership of it.

If you do not have the Take Ownership option in your right
click menu, visit the following link for help:

3. Rename the original file to actioncenter_original.dll.

4. Copy and paste the downloaded actioncenter.dll file
into the system32 folder.

5. Repeat for the rest of the dll files.

6. Restart explorer, log out, or restart your system
to see the changes.

----Other System Tray Mods----

OS X System Tray for Vista: [link]
OS X System Tray for XP: [link]
Windows 7 System Tray for Vista: [link]
Hardware Icon Mod for Windows 7: [link]
© 2010 - 2021 asilaydyingdl
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cido1975's avatar
Man ...this is awesomeeeeee ;) great job ...check this out… .... I had made an OSX loader for win as well :O
cido1975's avatar
Can we make them a little larger ? to fit the new osx el capitan features ;)
namikq's avatar
man I have problem.I need Batmeter.dll original please
asilaydyingdl's avatar
The instructions clearly state NOT to overwrite your original files.  You are going to have to do a web search for a download of the original file.  Make sure it's the correct version for your version of Windows.
veugar's avatar
dude you have a big experience
 +fav deviantART 
zalovin's avatar
work for windows 7 32-bit?
asilaydyingdl's avatar
Yes, but I have not updated it for Service Pack 1, so use at your own risk.
Joomla12's avatar
Erm, disregard my last comment.
Joomla12's avatar
How does one change the network icon? On my system, it's in "C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-netshell_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.17514_none_d78ad4be6c4ce238". Taking control of it does nothing.
houser87's avatar
Yeah! this best
what does desktop forever and virtuawind do? .. do i need to install them or can i just use the dll for the systray ? ..
asilaydyingdl's avatar
You don't need them. They are optional apps.
hmmm how come after i used the snow leopard mod .. and now trying to use the leopard dark .. i cant copy over the dll any more? its not letting me even tho i have full control .. its saying that explorer.exe wont let me ..
asilaydyingdl's avatar
You need to disable Windows File Protection completely. Sounds like that is the issue. There is a link to directions and there are also apps the do it for XP.
oops .. wrong thread .. :D
BeatlesAndTV's avatar
This is coo,l but how I can make a dll whit my own icons?

asilaydyingdl's avatar
You need resource hacker. There is a tutorial and download links for it at
thiagovscoelho's avatar
Where can I find the original system files for download? I think I messed it all up...
asilaydyingdl's avatar
thiagovscoelho's avatar
Oh wait, found out what I messed up: it was stobject.dll, I just renamed both the original and the copy and the tray icons wouldn't show up. It's working now.
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