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i create a rework of your wallpaper :)…

Hope you like it :)
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you should remove the gradient stripes :)
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my wallpaper is better, imho :)
Love this wallpaper! Would like to use it as my desktop if that's alright? Do you have a higher resolution/larger version?
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Good Enough*
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Can I use this wallpaper as the bootscreen in a new linux distro, i'm creating?
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Thank you!

If you wish, you can give my distro a try here:… (Select test drive in browser)

This is the first public release, of a very very old private appliance, so you might miss out features!
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Superb ! It's soft and very pleasant for the eyes.
Have a nice day !
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Hello Asiaonly!

I'm actually a youtuber and I was wondering if I could use this artwork for my new intro.
Of course I will give you all the credit and put a link to your website.

There's no problem if you don't want to, I completely understand.
Let me know what you think about it :)

Talk to you soon!
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i agree, but first i want to see your profile. And i want to see my name in your work, which used my artwork.
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Of course, 
My channel is named BehindTheMoons:…

I would use your artwork for my intro, which would be at the beginning of most of my videos.
I was thinking I would write in the "About" section of my channel that the background artwork is yours, I would quote your pseudo and write a link to your deviantart profile.
But if you prefer I can specify in the description box of every video where I use the intro that it's your artwork and put a link there too.

This would be the intro:
(I still have to add the sound)
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Thank you so much!! :33 
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I've just added the sound if you want to see the final video.
And I've already added this to the "about" section of my channel too:

 "The artwork you can see in my Intro is by ASIAONLY, She makes a lot of beautiful wallpapers, here is her deviantart profile:"
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it's really nice, thank you =)
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Et voila ! enfin LE wallpaper qui me plait et qui va rester sur mon écran !

Bravo, Merci pour votre Art !!
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Can I download your wallpapers from somewhere? I love this one. :heart:
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the download button is to the left, at the top (sort-of)...
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