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Northwood High Font

Northwood High: Free font by AllencHIU cHIU/asianpride7625


personal website

Please download from [link] to help me improve my stats. However, if you're really lazy, downloading from deviantart's fine too.

More fonts here: [link]
© 2009 - 2021 asianpride7625
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I used your font here:
 Blue Boy Cover by Cyndrome
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Downloaded Thank You
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Download! Thanks very much~
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Download! Thank you^^
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If I wanted to use your font as the title font for an ebook cover, how much would you charge me?
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I used this for a fantasy book's map! Daughter of the Sun Map Thank you!
Was the idea of this font from Another the anime?
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I am now using this front here in deviantART to write my signature on my photos.
An example:
Hoverfly on Poppy by JoannaMoory

Thank you very much :handshake: !
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I really like this font. 

Great job. 
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I'm looking to acquire commercial usage rights. I've attempted emailing you. Just want to make sure you received my inquiry. Thanks!

No Sweat Graphics by Rachel A Olson
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used your great font here… thank you so much :heart:
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I love this font.  I've found it to be useful in a lot of my projects.

Used it in Revolver Magazine Mock webpage

Thank you again!
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I used your excellent font for a class project:

KriticKill - Captured By the Water quote

Thanks so much for sharing ^_^
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i used it~ nice job~~
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This, sir, has very helpfull in maps I made. (Never going to publish them though; they're just for the fun.) THANK YOU!
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This is a beautiful font! Can I use this for a school project?
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