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Mona Lisa on a TI-83

This picture is also dedicated to my last year's Algebra II teacher, Ms. Hanley. If it weren't for her, I would've never learned how to draw on a calculator.

Tools: TI-83 calculator

Other Calculator Art: [link]

How to draw on your calculator:
2nd > PRGM(DRAW) > Pen
Press enter to turn pen "on" and enter again to turn pen "off"

:bulletyellow: Lines:
2nd> PRGM(DRAW) > Pen, then 2nd > PRGM(DRAW) > Line,
Enter to set starting point of the line, enter again to set endpoint. (do not go directly 2nd > PRGM(DRAW) > Line, this will take you to the home screen)

:bulletyellow: Circles:
Similar to lines. Press enter for center and end of radius.

:bulletyellow: Text:
Similar to lines as well. Move cursor to the place you want to begin the text. Then type as you normally would on the home screen (2nd > ALPHA(A-LOCK) > *text goes here*)

:bulletyellow: Erasing:
The tricky part! Took me half a year to figure this one out. Simply go to text and type spaces. This will be tricky because you have to erase in 1 x 5 blocks.

:bulletyellow: Clearing:
2nd > PRGM > ClearDraw > Enter

:bulletyellow: Storing Pics:
2nd > PRGM > right arrow > StorePic
"StorePic" should appear on the screen and type a number after it, and press enter. You can store up to 9 pics.

:bulletyellow: Recalling Pics:
2nd > PRGM > right arrow > RecallPic
"RecallPic" should appear on the screen and type the number of the picture you want to recall. Be sure to ClearDraw before you recall or the recalled pic will overlap with the current drawing.

But... what if my teacher makes me clear my RAM before a test?
Archive your pics! 2nd > + > 2 > 8 > scroll down to the pic you want to save, and press enter. An asterisk should appear next to it. That means it is archived and will still be there after you clear your RAM. However if you wish to recall the pic, you must first unarchive it.
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Hi, I used this as a reference to draw pixel Mona Lisa on Miiverse, a social media site by Nintendo which people can talk and draw on, and I was wondering if I could have your permission to upload the drawing I did to DeviantArt. I will of course say in the description that you are the original maker of this design, and link this as well. 
MrLeftTheCrazyPrinny's avatar
I see you haven't been active for almost a year now. Well, I think I'm going to go through with uploading it, and giving you credit for the initial drawing, and if and when you come back, and find that I have over step my bounds and request that I take it down, I will. Until then, good day.
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Saw this on Reddit. I love it!
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Now this is what a TI-83 is made for.
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I have the same calculator you do. MUST WASTE TIME IN CLASS!!! D:
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Dang, that is epic. O_O
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This is freaking epic :wow:
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my god! |big eyes| You must have borring classes I guess cause don't think that's quickly finished?
It's something new and I like it!
You're in my faves now!

:love: from Belgium!
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cos22's avatar did u learn to do this? O_O
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Oh, the fun you can have in lectures!
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this is pure genius ! you make algebra seem so much more fun!
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Holy shat this is awesome!! :D
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Holy s**t... this is awesome!!!

I miss my boring school days... ooh yeah..
crap, guess ill never pay attention in math lol
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hahah about the teacher sucking part. This is interesting what you've found out here.
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PFF, friggin' Texas, England needs MOAR EPIC STATIONERY
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Oh my gosh, this is EPIC! : D
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