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October 14, 2010
Looking for a font that will deliver an impact? INFECTED Font by ~asianpride7625 may be just the thing if you want something infectiously wicked in time for your personal Halloween projects!
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INFECTED: Free font by AllencHIU cHIU/asianpride7625


Free for personal use. For commercial use, please contact

More fonts here: [link]

Please :+fav: if you download!
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© 2009 - 2022 asianpride7625
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itsamehime's avatar
Great work!
Can i ask if you could make an electric futuristic style font commission for me ?
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M00nlightMagic's avatar
Used this wonderful font for the logo of the PhoenixFTWGaming channel on YouTube :3 [link] It's not intented to be commercial, but I thought I'd let you know anyway :meow: Thanks for sharing this font!
iqb490's avatar
Hey any chance you'll add the symbols and alternatives? !@#$%^&*()_-+=~`<>?

thx :)
szagud's avatar
define personal use. making a dvd for a 6th grade school play.. would you define that as noncommercial? love the font...
asianpride7625's avatar
commercial if you're making money for it but idgaf go ahead and use it
jemkem's avatar
VERY COOL! Love this! If you sometime want to devolope it a little, I would wish you did add Ææ Øø Åå :)
darnstrong's avatar
Just got done using this for a Tee design, Thanks ;)
slingshotmeow's avatar
i love this font i use it all the time now :)
jnxgraphics's avatar
uhh niceee thanks!
kiyuuQ's avatar
if you dont know how to download and install ^

thanks nice font ;)x
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:star: Congratulations again on your DD! This deviation has been featured in October 2010 Resources DDs.
Red-Savage's avatar
I made use of your font here for a NaNoWriMo book cover.

pikagurlXD's avatar
Hey! I just wanted to say I loved the text so much, it actually fit into one of my drawings that I did. Take a look here -> [link] I could of done a lot more refining with the text to make it fit with the bricks, but my photoshop is totally dumb. I referenced you in the artist's description~ Hope you like. 83
LordCastigator's avatar
Damn, it's in a ZIP folder. Gonna have to wait till I get to a computer which can open it...

Looks good too...
meihua's avatar
Makes me think of Left 4 Dead! Great work!
BrokenEye3's avatar
I am not infected. I got papers to prove I'm not infected.
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