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Laokess is a Role Playing Game by forum I've been playing for a few months. [link] (It's French) This character should be a 28-year-old Teacher of strategy. He just looks so bishie when I draw him, I can't draw male characters... He usually has longer hair but he's just shortened them for the fancy ball - I am planning an illustration of him and his dancing partner n_n

A tablet can change your life *_* Really. Or at least mine. I've never had more fun than when colouring this. Especially hair and skin. Really *_* It's just as if I dreamed all my life uing oC 1.1 this way you know *_____*

Sorry for the watermark, I am more or less paranoid... As it is a gift, in order to preserve and my mental sanity and my heart, please please please do not use and/or redistribute. It is a gift, only the one I gave it to can use it.

Media :
Drawn with oC 1.1 + Tablet
Watermarked with GIMP 2.2.17
Grigori Amilah belongs to ©Mendeleïev
Art made in ©Vân
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>o< Mon poupi !