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Original characters from "De Crin et de Café", Century is my grumpy cellist and Anthony my sweet barista.

This drawing was made as a plan C. Earlier this year, I won an Easter egg decoration contest and the prize was an A3 canvas with the photo of my choice. The coupon was valid until September 30th so I had to come up with an illustration to print. I've been very depressed for the last year and held a lot onto the past. But I didn't want to print an old art of mine. My initial plan was a group picture of my first 6 original characters, black and white theme, with stripes here and there. It proved to be very difficult, I haven't produced anything in 2 years so I had to switch to something much less ambitious. Plan B was my heartbroken minstrel, Libellule. But then again, it proved to be very difficult because the line had to be clean and simple to express his loneliness.

I had that kiss on the cheek scene in mind, threw a few sketches on scrap paper, it wasn't perfect,  but I liked it. The end result is wrong in so many aspects, mostly anatomy and perspective but well, I like it anyway and it's a happy/hopeful picture to come back with c:

Media :
Ballpoint sketch, Lined with Krita 2.8.7, coloured with openCanvas 1.1 and edited with GIMP 2.8, Wacom Intuos 4 medium
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