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Hey, it's been a while. Like, ten-actual-months-while. DeviantArt has kinda lost its status as my main place to spam my cosplay stuff to, but I am still here! And I'm trying to update my gallery slowly but surely, because I like having everything neatly in one place. So be prepared for a spam. I have some Kaleido Star and 50% Off stuff to post from a year ago, PLUS everything I've done this year!

If you are interested in hearing about me more often than ten months apart, here's my FB page and here's my Tumblr! I also have a YouTube channel. Please show your support by subscribing ♥♥♥

So, what have I been up to since my last appearance?

:bulletblue: In Tracon (September 2016) I cosplayed Nitori Aiichirou from Free! for the first time, and to be honest, there hasn't since been a single convention I've been to where I haven't worn some version of him. I've done the prisoner outfit, the Samezuka team outfit and the Timeless Medley promo outfit by far. I even competed in a performance competition as him, and boy, did I have fun! Not to mention the amazing prison photoshoot I had with police!Rin a while ago. Wow. Cosplaying Ai brings me so much joy. ♥

:bulletpurple: In Desucon Frostbite (January 2017) I entered my first Big Competition (TM)! It was the European Cosplay Gathering preliminaries, where I cosplayed Nyaatan from Etotama. I did not place, but I knew it even before I went there; my costume was too simple. But it was more about crossing the scary line to the world of preliminaries. And now that I've faced my fear, I'll definitely do it again!

:bulletpink: Other costumes I've done in the last half a year: Serinuma Kae from Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (boy, talk about a fitting character for me), casual Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri!!! on ICE (I LOVE THE BRAT OK??), and most recently, Nashetania from Rokka no Yuusha.

:bulletyellow: My next competition is in Animecon, which is in less than a month!! We'll do a pair skit with the most amazing Nani and I can't wait to perform on stage with her. (Again. We did an odottemita show together back in February.) ♥ Look forward to it!!
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Three more conventions and three more Valitsen sinut! -musikaali (I Choose You! the Musical) shows gone! Also two more cosplays.
In July, we performed in Animecon, Jyväskylä, and then in Ropecon, Helsinki. As always, performing was amazing even with the small technical quirks. Right after Ropecon, we traveled all the way to Oulu to perform in Chibicon. A looong bus trip, but really fun!
In Animecon I also cosplayed May from Pokémon: Advanced Generation. Now that May is finally done (or well, needs some fixing, but anyway), maybe me and Garypride will finally have that Contestshipping photoshoot we've planned for so long.
I was supposed to relax after May and forget about cosplay for a while, but I got too excited about an idea: cosplaying thug!Nagisa from 50% Off. So, that happened in Ropecon. I don't remember when was the last time I had that much fun with cosplay! I basically screamed everytime a tattoo was finished. Can't wait to get the photos and share them.
Otherwise, I'm not quite the target audience of Ropecon so I didn't get much out of the convention, but it was nice to see it for the first time.
Chibicon was a one day convention and I was mostly on backstage, so I didn't get to see much of the con. No cosplay, either.
It's strange to think that our last three shows won't be part of conventions but individual shows in Kanneltalo. So in a way, an era has ended. And to think about it, so will the whole VS! era. It's been busy and all-encompassing, but also amazing and unforgettable, an era full of love and big feelings and things that make me happy. It's sad to let that go, but I'm glad for all the incredible memories and experiences. Besides, hey, everything does not end here; I've got new ideas and plans for the future in my sleeve...
See ya in the next convention, which is Tracon! Let's see if I manage to finish some cosplays in time. The next few weeks are going to go by fast with the last shows and all.
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:bulletred: Wow! Three conventions of different sizes have passed and I've managed to finish four cosplays. I'm slowly working on the editing and posting process (be it choosing the pics for the photographer to edit or editing them myself).

:bulletblue: Mimicon was a great experience from a performer's point of view. Valitsen sinut! the musical show went neatly and we were taken really good care of. :heart:
I also had really fun time cosplaying Tama from Barakamon on Saturday! Cosplaying a fujoshi meant really fun pics. I even got to use my male friends as human props, purely for some fanservice... :---D Check out Tama's folder!

:bulletgreen: Desucon was, as always, amazing. It's my favourite convention of the year and once again I loved being in Sibelius Hall and working for the convention. On my leisure time, I mostly ran around photoshooting my two costumes. I just posted pics of Astarotte from Astarotte no Omocha! -- see them here. Pics of Rosetta (and Sora) from Kaleido Star are still a work in progress, but expect cuteness!!

:bulletred: When I was stressing out about my costumes for Desucon and heard that most of our VS! crew was going to attend Hypecon together, I joked about making a new costume to wear in there. Well, I shouldn't joke about things. Izumi from Ajin was thankfully a really easy costume to put together, though the makeup was crazy... in a good way. :D The convention was small and didn't offer anything special for me. I expected to only get a few quick shots of Izumi but ended up having a proper photoshoot with Rewe, and I love the results!! Can't wait to post them!!

:bulletblue: Now I'm preparing for our next musical show in Animecon in July 9th, and also kind of trying to make another costume... I may be greedy. Let's see if I can finish it in time.

:bulletgreen: That's all! I'm heading to Central Finland to spend some summer days on the countryside. I'm hoping I'll be able to relax and get lots of inspiration there! :sun:
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:bulletyellow: Ahhh it's so sunny! >w< A perfect day to stay inside and work on a costume... " : D "

:bulletgreen: I kinda haven't wrapped my mind around the fact that the day after tomorrow I'm going to get on a car and travel to Mimicon. We're gonna perform Valitsen sinut! the Pokémon musical. Somehow it just feels absurd... I really should focus on preparing for the weekend properly today and tomorrow!

:bulletblue: ...but of course I have a cosplay to finish, too. Nothing difficult, but a cosplay anyway. On Saturday, before my hands get full with VS!musical dress rehearsal, I'm going to cosplay Tamako the fujoshi from Barakamon. :3 I'm going to look NOTHING like my usual self while in Tama's attire, but that's kinda fun.

:bulletpurple: Two weeks after Mimicon it's going to be Desucon, where I'll be working in the team that arranges the cosplay competitions. I'll have two new costumes for the weekend if everything goes according to the plan. We'll have a Kaleido Star pair cosplay with an amazing friend of mine (see what I did there?). I'll also try to finally get rid of Astarotte who's been sitting in my box of unfinished cosplays for ages now. Plus in case I don't want to deal with Astarotte's basic lack of clothes for the whole Saturday, I'll probably bring Tama again as a backup costume.

:bulletred: Yesterday I sorted through my cosplay plans and pretty much decided what I'm going to do or not do over summer. There's so much I'd like to do -- cosplays and other projects -- but I'll have to prioritize. I'd really like to attend a bigger competition later this year, and I can't get distracted with other costumes while I work on the competition stuff. My way of doing things is slow. I want to prepare my costume and skit with time, because I'm really not that quick and talented with costumes and I want to really focus on doing my skit right. So no other out-of-hand plans for me after July.

:bulletorange: But on the other hand, I have so many ideas and projects I'd like to dive right into...! Ughh!!
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The last time I wrote a journal, it was almost March and I had no idea what to work on next. Now it's April and I've finished two new cosplays for two conventions. Yay! I have named this month the Green April, because everything I've done has a lot of green in it. (Not counting my old DP!Ash for the Palletshipping Day photoshoot.) Green is my favourite colour, so it's been a nice month! :heart:


Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls was on my To Do list for a very long time, and I'm happy I finally took the uncut fabrics from the Box of Unfinished Cosplays and made them into a dress. Cosplaying Buttercup in Popcult Helsinki was fun because the character has always meant so much to me. I've already posted the pics Mialiina took of me, check them out in my gallery!

Btw, my friend is working on an Ace cosplay, so as soon as she's done, we'll have a cutesy Buttercrush photoshoot together. ^^ So expect more Buttercup sooner or later! c:


Of course I'll also have to talk about the fact that the premiere of Valitsen sinut! -musikaali aka I Choose You! the Musical was also in Popcult Helsinki! Oh boy, I barely slept at all the night before the show but everything went incredibly well, aside from some minor technical difficulties. I had super fun time performing my role as the green little nuisance called Bulbasaur! (And five other characters in the background, but 'Saur was my main role.) If you weren't in the audience this time, I hope you will come see us in some of our next shows! The next one will be in Mimicon.


For the two weeks after Popcult, I had to hurry to finish Mairin from Pokémon XY: Mega Evolution in time. And I did it! I wore Mairin for both days of Cosvision, which was last weekend. I'll post some pics as soon as I have time for that. There are a few things I'd like to fix in the costume, though, but I'll fix those things someday for the next photoshoot. Next time I will probably have Alain with me! Dun dun duu~! 

On Sunday, I was the judge of the show cosplay competitions of Cosvision. It was fun and surprisingly easy to work with the two other judges. I kind of want to get back on stage with cosplay skits myself! >w< I'm happy about all the little projects and ideas that are slowly forming~


The Green April will soon end. On 1st of May I'll have a proper photoshoot with my Sadie cosplay, which has no green parts in it. Sad. :c But I'm happy to know I'll get proper pics of me as Sadie! I'll have to fix some things in it first, though, so maybe it's better to go work on that now. ^^"
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I'm late with this, but Desucon Frostbite was fun! On Friday and Saturday I worked as a part of the stage team of the cosplay competitions and it was exciting. I even made a small appearance on stage with a microphone, uh oh... omfg On Sunday I had a photoshoot of my Blue cosplay (Wolf's Rain). I just posted the pics, go check them out! :meow: Pics of Saturday's cosplay (Ritsu from K-ON!!, the NTY version) still to come~

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: 

I was supposed to go to Yukicon, and enter NCC prelims, but that isn't happening. And I'm kinda happy it's not, because to think that tomorrow I'd leave home to go to a convention and compete in a big stressful competition... Nuh-uh, I really appreciate some freetime right now. Phew! I'll do it when I have more fitting energy.

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: 

My weekends are busier and busier because I Choose You! the Musical's first show is coming closer and closer!! We'll perform in Popcult in April. I'm excited but a little nervous; will we make everything work in time...? Of course we will, duh! w00t! It's hard work but I'm happy to get to perform on stage with the awesome team! Love 

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: 

My cosplay plans are tooootally empty! I was so focused on my NCC prelim plans, which got canceled, I hadn't really thought about what I'd do after that. Now I decided to have a break from the NCC costume, and I don't know what to work on instead. :-? (Confused)  But it's actually kinda refreshing; I can work on anything I feel like, when I feel like it. With Popcult and Cosvision soon coming up, let's see what I come up with! Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: 

I watched the first episode of Pokémon XY and Z today and I'm really hyped!!! As much as I love the Pokémon anime, I wouldn't call it an actual masterpiece at all times and it can get quite annoying at its worst, but this season looks very promising! :eager: by darkmoon3636 Let's just hope it isn't going to sink right after the first ep...

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: 

Speaking of Pokémon, today I finally finished a Palletshipping fanfic I've been working on for ages. It's really important to me and I'm kinda emotional for finally having officially posted the last chapter. Tears  (It's here if you want to read it.)

:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: 

I think that's quite it, carry on~ Hi! 
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Whole new costumes:
:bulletblue: Pokémon: Roxie
:bulletblue: Death Parade: Nona
:bulletblue: BECK: Minami Maho
:bulletblue: The Powerpuff Girls: Femme Fatale
:bulletblue: Princess Princess: Princess Sadie

Remade costumes:
:bulletgreen: No. 6: Shion
:bulletgreen: Pokémon: Ash Ketchum (Beauty and the Beach)

Conventions & events:
:bulletyellow: Desucon Frostbite, February
:bulletyellow: Desucon, June
:bulletyellow: unofficial beach!Yukicon, July
:bulletyellow: Popcult Day, August
:bulletyellow: Tracon, September
:bulletyellow: Finnish cosplay championships event, November

Stage stuff:
:bulletorange: Desucon Frostbite: show cosplay competition, 2nd place
:bulletorange: Desucon: intermission show of the ECC competition
:bulletorange: Tracon: show cosplay competition, 2nd place

:bulletred: I Choose You! the musical :pokeball: :heart: Live shows next year!!
:bulletred: moved to Tampere
:bulletred: planning to enter bigger competitions next year, thus the mood
Thank you for this year ♥
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I've had the most contradictory summer/autumn. In a way, I've had an amazing year with cosplay and done a lot, but then again, I've felt like my spirit has been missing recently and I'm not sure how to deal with that.

Buuuut let's start with a list of what I've done since my last journal entry (which was in June, ahem ahem...). Also, I've been a lazy-ass bum and haven't had energy to post pictures since forever ago. But I'm trying to get a grip and go through the pics. Which are of:

:bulletred: Ash Ketchum. I had the most amazing Pokémon group in (unofficial) Beach!Yukicon in July. Our group had Ash, Gary and, most epicly, all six of Gary's cheerleaders. A dream I've had since 2009. ♥

:bulletorange: Minami Maho. In August, I went to Popcult Day and cosplayed Maho from Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, an anime I love endlessly.

:bulletyellow: Roxie. The VS!musical cast/crew had a Pokémon cosplay group on Saturday in Tracon, which was in September. I wore gym leader Roxie again for that.

:bulletgreen: Femme Fatale. I tackled all my past hardships and doubts about my show and managed to go on stage in Tracon's show cosplay competition as Femme Fatale from The Powerpuff Girls. It all ended up more than well; I got 2nd place. ♥

:bulletblue: Princess Sadie. I went to watch Finnish cosplay championships last weekend and cosplayed Sadie from Princess Princess comic. Btw, watching the championships was awesome and hella inspiring! They showed it on TV but that's nothing compared to the live thing.

So that's what I'll be spamming into my gallery as soon as I can manage through the piles of pictures I have.

What's next?
:bulletwhite: Next convention will be Desucon Frostbite in January. This time I won't be a competitor in the cosplay competitions, but a member of the team behind the stage.
:bulletwhite: After Frostbite, there's Yukicon in February -- let's see if I'll be there watching NCC preliminaries... or maybe even attending them if I'm courageous and productive enough. Maybe? Dunno. Yikes!
:bulletwhite: The rest of the spring I'll be buried neck deep in Valitsen sinut! -musikaali aka I Choose You! the Musical and its live shows. They'll be within reach before we know it... Double yikes!

Towards new adventures~!
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Hey there! A lot of stuff going on right now!
Desucon was last month and I had tons of fun. I cosplayed Nona from Death Parade on Friday and Shion from No. 6 on Sunday. On Saturday I was performing in the cosplay competitions, but not as a competitor, but as the intermission show before judges came on stage to tell their decisions. I sang a medley of Disney songs re-written into a cosplay theme and the audience seemed to like it, I'm so happy ♥♥♥ My new ID pic is from the show! You can watch the show here, though it's all in Finnish. You can take the chance to enjoy some singing and jumping around stage, tho, if you want.

Now I have a lot to do. I just got a new apartment from Tampere, but I also still have the old one in Jyväskylä for the rest of July, so I'm between two homes. There's a lot of work in preparing to move to another city and I've been super busy lately. Anyway, the new aparment is a three-room flat we got together with Garypride. Sooo if you look at it from the cosplay point of view, this may mean more activity in pair cosplays. Maybe? Hopefully??

Next convention I'm going to go to is Yukicon 2.5 aka the beach filler con. I'm hopelessly in love with our cosplay group. We'll be having a Pokémon group with beach!Ash, beach!Gary (with his incredibly manly pink shirt that we all love), and all six of Gary's cheerleaders. FINALLY! After six years of dreaming! The whole cheerleader crew!!! If problems occur and this group somehow doesn't happen, I'll probably cry myself to sleep for the rest of my life.

I also have plans for Popcult Day in August; it'll be an easy cosplay, but it's from an anime I love very much, so I'm excited about that as well. I've also put some thought on Tracon, which is in September. Lovely kuvitelma was visiting me over the Midsummer and helped me with a tricky costume for Tracon, so I'm already preparing for that too.

This year has been and will be a blast! I keep saying that 2011 was my The Cosplay Year, because back then I attended the most conventions and made a lot of new costumes (and enjoyed everything I did -- later on I kind of lost some of that spark). But now I'm starting to think that even though the spring was quiet, this may be another "The Year", in a different way. New things and variety in plans and solo stuff and pair stuff and group stuff and personally important characters & series and hnnngghh. I love this hobby ♥
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Spring cleaning and musical funding campaign

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 4:34 PM
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Last time I said I had cleaned up my account from drawings, so that my gallery now has only cosplay and other photography in it. Now the spring cleaning has continued; I rearranged my whole folder system. I wanted subfolders for the different characters/versions from same series, and you can't add subfolders to subfolders (damn you dA!).

So here we are; each series now has its own folder, and in that folder you can find subfolders or each character/version, it there are several of those. (For example, the Pokémon folder consists separate subfolders for Ash's different versions, plus own folders for Morty, Roxie and the gijinkas.)

This renovation may result in some broken links but I think I already fixed all of those that are found inside my gallery. There may of course be some broken links from outside dA. I'm trying to track down those pests and fix them as thoroughly as I can. :meow:

Yes I like organizing unimportant stuff.


This journal skin is actually related to my role in the Pokémon musical, Valitsen sinut! -musikaali (we have website in English now, too!).
We started a crowfunding campaign yesterday so that we can make the musical as great as possible, so if you're interested in supporting us with even the slightest amount of money, go for it!! We'll all love you eternally ♥♥♥

Artwork on the top by Wolfvids
Credit to Pokémon

Drawings removed from gallery

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 5:15 PM

Whew! Suddenly, my gallery is maybe about 50 deviations lighter, if not even more. That means I got rid of all of my drawings in here, because I decided to make a separate place for them instead.

I like my gallery a lot better now, because it's just cosplay and other photography now, with no random linearts getting in the way. Yay! :dance:

If you're still interested in my lineart stuff, I'm slowly reposting the most manageable of them into my brand new art tumblr. And of course, I'm going to post new stuff there too, when I manage to draw and scan something.

And just to remind you about my other links:
>> facebook
>> blog (Finnish)
>> cosplay tumblr
>> fanfic archive

I've thought about rearranging my whole cosplay folder system here in DA too, but that's an operation for some other night. It's 3am, it's probably about time to get some sleep, huh... So bye! :wave:

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Frostblast and photoplans

Thu Feb 26, 2015, 4:26 AM
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Whoa whoa whoa. Finally got time to update! (Though it's kind of hard to reach the keyboard atm because my cat is playing merry-go-round on my lap and giving lots and lots of kisses because she was alone for a few days.)

Desucon Frostbite was a blast! As I said before, I was entering the show cosplay competition as Roxie from Pokémon: Best Wishes!. I had my doubts about my performance but apparently I shouldn't have, because I was awarded the 2nd place. So awesome!!! 
Suomalaisille lukijoille: reissupohdintaa blogissani.
I had a great weekend; the competition went well, I got to see a lot of my friends and met new people too. Yay! ♥

After I got home, it's been theater rehearsals after theater rehearsals and then the premiere of a play I'm acting in; then musical rehearsals, then hanging out with my Koffing/Gary/Nezumi/whoever and planning cosplay photoshoots... Whoah. 

About those photoshoots; we're planning to finally have (a) proper No. 6 photoshoot(s) sometime during the spring. I guess you could say we kind of found No. 6 again and been reading the manga and the novel, and ohmygosh it's such a great story. ;___; We want to try and make the characters and the scenes alive, as good as we can.

We also planned a bit of Palletshipping because the world needs more of it... AND because it's kind of sad that the most popular picture in my gallery is a badly planned Palletshipping pic we took in our messy dormitory room six years ago with a self-timer . . . Don't get me wrong, I'm awfully happy about all the faves and the comments but the picture itsself is poor quality. 8'D So yeah, we should maybe get new, better ones. 

Anyway, that has to wait for summer. And when you think about it, I've got like a million costumes waiting to be either made or photoshooted. Heh. So, this entry's point was mainly to tell you guys that Frostbite was awesome and that I have new plans coming up, as soon as I have time from all the rehearsals and travelling around Finland. >w<"

Totoro Journal Skin by starrily

Next up in the Amazing Adventures of Ashy-boy...

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 8, 2015, 6:48 AM
I ordered a month's premium membership on a whim, so of course I have to write a journal entry with a flashy skin~

Okay, I'm actually here to inform you about a few things.

:bulletgreen: I'm going to be in Desucon Frostbite show cosplay competition as Roxie from Pokémon: Best Wishes! Wish me luck!

:bulletgreen: Even though I have a lot of time in my hands, I decided not to get stressed about cosplay and bring only one costume to Frostbite. So I'll be Roxie for the whole weekend. Tulkaa moikkaamaan. :meow:

:bulletgreen: What else is up in my life? I graduated and now I'm unemployed, so as I mentioned, I have all the time in the world to concentrate on my hobbies; cosplay, theater and general creativity such as writing (haha you wish... I haven't updated my fanfiction blog too recently, but I hope I will get a writing spasm soon).

:bulletgreen: Now that I mentioned theater! The most awesome thing in the world right now is that I got chosen to be a part of Valitsen sinut! -musikaali, a fan musical about Pokémon. We've only had one rehearsal yet but I already love love loooove the project, the people and my role. The people chosen to the musical are ridiculously talented, so you can assume there's some awesome shit coming up! And I'll really need to do some exercising to keep up with everyone... ^^" But it's a good thing to have something like this to motivate me, because I'm lazy as a sloth and I usually don't do much about my shape.

:bulletgreen: Lastly: I'm doing a 30 Days of Cosplay -challenge in my cosblr, so go and check out RetaCosplay at Tumblr if you're interested in unnecessary details about my cosplaying adventures. >w<

 That's all for now. Bye darlings~

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Hey y'all! I thought I should let you know I've made a cosplay account on Facebook. As DeviantArt holds my whole gallery, Tumblr is for quick updates and wip pictures and the blog is for longer updates and reports on conventions, this Facebook account will probably serve as a mixture of all of the above. Hit like and you'll see~

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Yay, I survived Cosvision and it was awesome! No prize for me but it's no surprise. The experience was excellent.

Two weeks left until Desucon in Lahti. I'm not going to make a new costume as I'm kinda still recovering from Angela. I'm not competing, but I'll still be on stage AND on backstage, he he. The most awesome thing is I'll be singing on that incredible stage again like I did last year on show cosplay competition. This time I'll take kuvitelma with me. Can't wait! :happybounce: :heart:
So Desucon goers, be sure to come watch the cosplay competitions ; )

So, back to work on part-writing~
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Procrastinating? Running away from writing a school file? What makes you think I am? No, really, I already did half of it, I deserve a break.

So, just coming by to tell you I got invited to Cosvision's guest cosplay competition in May and I'm pretty sure I'm going to die on that stage. Or on backstage. Or the night before. Or whatever. I'm not even starting on the level of the competitors. There are those strange kind of magical material wizards who can make anything out of anything in like one day... and then there's me. WHY OH WHY???

Plus my costume is expensive as hell (as in for me, because I'm both prudent and poor) but at least it's going to be awesome. Not I'm-gonna-win-the-whole-shit sort of awesome, but I-think-I'll-survive-it-alive-maybe sort of awesome. And wow-I've-never-done-this-many-weird-attachment-mechanisms sort of awesome.

Oh and I love my apartment. It's amazing - it's very very small but I can still spread several meters of fabric on the floor and have it lie flat. And my sister's cat is here with me and she's soooo sweet and cares for me when I have mental breakdowns :heart:
For the other stuff in my life, I still hate school but love my practical training job.

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Desucon Frostbite was fun! :meow: It was a first convention in Finland that has had any age limit. It was forbidden for people under 18 and I'm 21, so the limit didn't bother me at all, I actually liked it for change. (:
I'm gonna post some pictures of our cute and awesome Nerima Daikon Brothers group soon, so stay tuned!

Now that I have a job (or well, practical training for school, but anyway), I'm starting to feel like I'd like to concentrate on my hobbies on evenings after work. Somehow going to school drains up all my creativity, but working doesn't. So who knows? Maybe I'll make some costumes to wear in conventions in spring and summer. :>
I don't know which cons I'm gonna go to, btw. Tampere Kuplii comics festival is next month, it's quite small event but I'm considering it anyway. Summer Desucon in June is an obvious choice, but what else? Cosvision in May, maybe? It depends on money and school stuff, too..
And what to wear?? I'd like to finish Femme Fatale and do Kaleido Star's Rosetta and the PPG group and ngggh. Dunno. In the other hand I'd just like to take it slow.

I'm excited about the fact that I'M GOING TO MOVE INTO MY OWN APARTMENT IN A WEEK. OMG WTF SUCH JOY WOW. Such enthusiasm. Such move. Wow. Very excitement.
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:bulletred: School doesn't suck that much anymore since I managed to get a lot of work done during the holidays. But let's see how long this optimism will last...
:bulletorange: My infuriating problems with Mako's (Nerima Daikon Brothers) hair still remain, but I'll have to pick a wig and try to be satisfied.
:bulletyellow: I also have to get busy with the rest of the costume. Only a bit over a month left until Desucon Frostbite D:
:bulletgreen: I may have found an apartment!!! But it's still uncertain if I'm gonna get it. Thumbs up, ya guys!!
:bulletblue: We catched up with the whole Pokémon anime with Garypride! Unbelievable. Eight HUNDRED episodes watched, wtf?? The season featuring N was simply the best thing that happened to the series since the golden days of Palletshipping. Wow.
:bulletpurple: I feel like I have many lovely persons around me right now. I'm more happy with my boyfriend than I can tell. Garypride is my best friend, I visited her for a few days and she's awesome and I love her. My siblings keep getting engaged/married and having children, and those children are my pride and joy. <3

Life is kinda okay, ya'know.
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Ahaha, in the end I didn't re-use any of my old costumes. :---D Plot twist! I did a pony. Fluttershy from My Little Pony, that is. We took photos with Coconut4 in the con and I'll post more of them soon! I actually had to buy premium membership for a month to create a subfolder for MLP and keep my gallery in order :'D Unorganized photos give me nightmares, hrrrr.

Fluffy Pink by ashy-boy

More pony thoughts in my b l o g !  Though it's only in Finnish. Eli suomalaiset nyt lueskelemaan blogia~

The other costume then... well, I was in the show cosplay competition. I told a story and sang a song as Sakanachan from Star Driver. I can't describe how good it felt. Before it all I had an attitude like "it'll go as it goes, probably there'll be a few mistakes but I don't care, I'll be nervous as hell anyway, I'll just go with the flow and see what happens". Well, I can't believe it but I wasn't nearly as nervous as I thought I'd be. And the show... for once I think I actually did pretty good! Not that it was a perfect show, but I felt soooo good after it~ Singing alone on one hell of a big stage, it was incredible!!

Oh and well, in the end I won the whole thing. Which is still kinda confusing. My costume was, after all, very simple, though I'm (almost) happy with it.

Other Lands Await by ashy-boy Reaching Your Hands Into The Sky by ashy-boy

And when I say I didn't think I'd win, it's not some made-up see-how-humble-i-am-or-at-least-pretend-to-be kind of bullshit. I keep my feet on the ground. And I like to have people know I'm very, very grateful for everything I have been given. It's amazing, doing what I enjoy and even being rewarded for that. <3
And all the lovely people who came to talk to me after the show, it was so heartwarming! Thank you!!

You know, it feels damn good to be back.
I had grown to be sick of this hobby, but now I just simply love it again. Not only because of the competition, but it's a big plus.

Towards the new experiences!!
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Aaaaand I'm on the road again!

Journal Entry: Sun May 26, 2013, 5:33 AM

Damn my restless and overly enthusiastic soul. I had barely finished with my musical project when I already signed up to a show cosplay competition. Asjdnskfdlajajakf.

I've made the background tape and sent it, now it's just making the costume and practising the show. I've planned cosplaying Sakana the North Maiden (from Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto) for quite a long time, and even had a small idea of a show in my mind. But it's never been a good spot in my life to do it.

Oh well, it really isn't a good spot to do it now, either - I've just had one hell of a schoolyear and already going at a full speed again, without a rest. But Desucon's cosplay competition seemed too fitting to pass. Also, the competition's arrangements have been excellent by far! I'm excited to see how the actual event is done.

Sakana will be something I've never done in cosplay competitions. Usually I tend to favor flamboyant, flirtatious characters with which I can move energetically and do my best to charm and amuse the audience through positive vibes and self-confidence. This one, though I've always wanted to cosplay her, is very unlike that. She's a mysterious, composed character. My show also has a calm, even a bit sad theme, as do the Star Driver scenes where Sakana is portrayed.

Let's see how it goes! I'm not expecting anything, I'm mainly just very excited to be on stage again (as in cosplay stage - I've been on stage in the musical of course, but that's different).

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