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This is my resident lightning-slinger, Stormwing, created with HeroMachine 3. Below is some information about him.

Real Name: Michael Tarrant
Alias: Stormwing
Age: 18
Affiliation: Heroes
Powers (at current level):
•Wing Manifestation: Michael can grow wings out of his back at will, allowing him access to more abilities:
  •Flight: Michael can use his wings to fly at Mach 0.5 (380 mph) with gloves on (Mach 5 [3806 mph] with gloves off).
  •Storm Manipulation: Michael can create and control wind, rain & lightning (taking gloves off increases power considerably- increases maximum wind speed, rainfall intensity, and lightning voltage & frequency). Also grants full immunity to electricity.
  •Small Arms Resistance: Michael's wings can stop most forms of light gunfire (pistols, SMGs etc.).
  •Aerial Adaptation: Michael can adapt to high or low air pressure, can breathe even the thinnest air and is immune to high wind friction and vertigo.
•Enhanced Senses: Michael's eyesight and hearing are far superior to a normal man's.
•Superhuman Strength- Michael can lift 10 tonnes with gloves on (100 tonnes with gloves off).
•Superhuman Durability- Michael can shrug off most blows that would stagger even the hardiest civilians (can take full-power punches from Rook, who can lift an M1A2C tank [66.8 tonnes] easily).
Talented Athlete: Due to his history in various amateur sports, Michael is skilled in a variety of physical activities.
High Intelligence: Michael is deceptively smart, especially concerning electronics & electrodynamics. He often comes up with new ways to use his powers on the fly.
Near-Peak Physiology: Michael is close to the pinnacle of fitness for his age.
Unarmed Combat: Michael has undergone mid-level martial arts training from Rook; he primarily uses Krav Maga.
Weapons/Equipment: Power-Limiting Gloves- Prevents accidental use & limits the level of Michael's powers.
•Electrical Insulators: As one might expect, Michael's lightning cannot pass through non-conductive materials (wood, rubber, stone etc.)
Obvious Weak Spot: As the source of his powers, Michael's wings would be priority targets for an opponent, as, without them, he's just an ordinary man.
Ophidiophobia: Due to an incident in his childhood, Michael has a great fear of snakes, rendering him near-paralysed if he sees one.
Just a Man: Michael has no other damage resistances; as such, any non-electrical attack would hurt the same as any civilian.
Being Inside Sucks: Michael can only create storms outside, and most rooms are too small for him to fly efficiently.
•Self-Imposed Limits: Michael rarely uses the full extent of his storm powers due to their highly destructive nature, even with his gloves off.
•Inexperience*: Michael is only 18 years old, and only manifested his powers 2 years ago.
*Note: It is theorized that, as he ages, his powers will get stronger, with the potential to rival Artemis as the most powerful hero on the team in terms of sheer destructive force.*
Style: Typical teenager clothing (jeans, t-shirt, hoodie etc.) (civilian)
Story: Michael Tarrant was a fairly ordinary boy, albeit one with a rebellious streak and a love for superheroes. He frequently skipped classes, paid little attention when he was in school and was in trouble more often than not. It was only under the threat of expulsion that his defiance stopped completely, and that was when his true academic potential shone through. When exams came, he aced nearly all of them, much to his parents' surprise. To celebrate Michael's success, his parents took him for a meal at his favourite restaurant. It was on the way back that tragedy struck; his family was subject to a mugging gone wrong. When the mugger demanded that he empty his wallet, Michael's father refused, leading to the mugger shooting his wife in the chest, then the father, but in the head. Terrified by what he saw, Michael started running. Where to, he didn't know; it didn't matter. All he knew was that he had to get away from the man with a gun. Later that night, in a state of depression, he jumped off the roof of the local church. Instead of crashing face-first into the pavement, however, he had somehow stopped midair. Looking behind him, he saw a pair of massive grey wings sprouting from his back. Depression turning to astonishment to anger, he started flying around, looking for his parents' killer. Soon enough, the man was cornered in an alley, where Michael picked him up by the neck and flew back to the roof of the church. "Anything you'd like to confess?" he asked, holding the murderer by the edge. A choked response came. "N-nothing you would u-understand, k-kid."
"Suit yourself," Michael replied, his voice laced with acid, before throwing the man. What he didn't expect was for him to float back up, carried by Rook, his idol. "Excuse me, but I think you dropped this," the hero remarked, stunning both his passenger and Michael, before setting the man down. The teen, retracting his wings, explained what had transpired, his voice trembling, Rook listening patiently. When he was done, the hero spoke. "While I do understand your desire for justice, this isn't the way to do it. Trust me, I was the same way when I started. Killing is never a good first resort; then, you're no better than the bad guys. Tell you what, I'm starting a team of heroes. If you want in, come to this rooftop by 11 pm any night. I'll be here. Right now though, you need to rest. I'll see you home safely, then I'd better get back to patrolling. Crime isn't going to stop itself, you know."
Arriving at Michael's house, Rook told him to consider the offer, before flying off into the night. The next day, at 11 pm, Michael was on the rooftop again. Not to jump this time, but to join something bigger than himself. That was 2 years ago. Now, Michael, having discovered his storm & darkness manipulation powers, as well as his superhuman strength & durability, and going by Stormwing, has learned that justice, not vengeance, is the best way to protect his city, though he still holds a vendetta against the man who killed his parents, but is happy knowing he is serving multiple life sentences in prison.

Edit 13/1/2020: Complete overhaul; adding headshot.

Edit 27/3/2020: Colour changes; general updates.
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