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Artemis by AshWintersHM Artemis by AshWintersHM
My entry for HeroMachine CDC #373, the goddess Artemis. More information about her below.

Real Name: Diana Sharpe
Age: 28 (Diana)/3000+ (Artemis)
Affiliation: Heroes
Powers (as Artemis): Godly strength, speed & durability; agelessness; telepathy; transfiguration (can cause others to turn into stone or animals); communication with animals; can heal others or cause plagues; animal transformation; immunity to toxins and diseases; can summon weapons at will
Abilities: Perfect aim with a bow, skilled in using most classical weapons, great tactician, expert on Greco-Roman mythology
Weapons/Equipment: Bow & infinite arrows, shield, sword (all forged and enchanted by Hephaestus)
Story: Diana Sharpe is the newest host of Artemis, goddess of the moon, hunting, the wilderness, and childbirth. Discovering her great inheritance at age 24, after a glowing gold bow and silver quiver appeared on her table one morning, Diana chose to use her newfound powers and weaponry for the betterment of mankind, with the addition of a sword and shield for close combat. Working solo for 3 years, Diana learned more about her abilities, and encountered many notable figures from ancient mythology, including Hephaestus, who forged her weapons, Ares, who taught her how to use them, and even Zeus himself, ruler of Olympus. Lately, though, she's taken to working in a team, where she formed many new friendships, notably developing a friendly rivalry with a certain blue-clad archer, and thoroughly enjoys being part of a modern pantheon of heroes.
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July 25, 2018
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