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TZH Webcomic Tutorial

By Ashwings
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Hey everyone! Have a tutorial! Enjoy!
It's pretty it may take a while to load^^ I cover everything...I think. Yes.

It takes me, on average, 6-8 hours to make a strip. Sometimes longer because I can be REALLY picky with certain things, especially with the line-art. So it varies-- also this had a far less complicated background, so that cuts down time considerably!

The Zombie Hunters ©JennyRomanchuk
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darkcandlelight's avatar
Thank you so much! This helps a lot! :D (Big Grin) 
Ditster's avatar
Whoa!!! It took so much steps, i cant imagine how patient you are! By the way Thank you for The Tut! It helps me a lot to learn about making cool comic!
Ringelotta's avatar
very nice thank you :)
zoven's avatar
Very nice. Ill fav this for reference thanks so much for doing this. ^^
legoland99's avatar

<3  I love your work ,and I open your site everyday ,I'm thinking to buy the first book , I got to try all those programs XD

xVentusXCrytsalx's avatar
WELL.... to my idiotic mind with computers that looks HARD..... but that is cooll.... i love your comics...:3
bibicachan's avatar
<3 :D very helpfull
ArtCrumbss's avatar
Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial! :la:
xFeatheredFury's avatar
This tutorial helped me SO much! I'm beginning to draw a comic digitally and I had absolutely no idea how to put speech marks in, and this really helped! ^^

Once again, THANKS! 8D
Ashwings's avatar
You're welcome! :)
FlamingPickles's avatar
You and your comic are amazing, I just started reading it, and then stumbled across this tutorial. Wow.
Ashwings's avatar
Glad you are liking it n__n
TheRainbowRanger's avatar
What kind of scanner do you own?
Ashwings's avatar
I own a Epson Perfection V200 Photo :)
TheRainbowRanger's avatar
Thank you :D Now I shall save the little money I have and buy one! :)
TheRainbowRanger's avatar
Oops, nevermind. I just noticed it in the tut.
melsr007's avatar
WOW!!!!!!!!! :wow: Nice :-)
Prannke's avatar
I love you <3
Did this technique for my first college graphics course intro assignment! It was a bit (make that A LOT) more shading than my lazy self ususally does by such nice work. I have been a fan for years and hope that my little cartoons can become HALF as good compared to yours one day.
ApocalypticAya's avatar
Thank you so muck for this ^0^''
Vipera8's avatar
molto brava!
VendettaHex33's avatar
This is great! I like all the advice.
warthogrampage's avatar
I'd never thought to use Poser in this way. Thanks for the tips
Raidell's avatar
Very nice! Your tips are really good. :)
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