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Moleskine: Tithe

By Ashwings
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Ummm. I have NO idea what was going on in my brain here. Reading too many books.
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Aveyune's avatar
This is AMAZING. And Moleskine FTW. The only thing I use.
Felis-Catshade's avatar
Oh wow. Just... wow
teh-detective's avatar
wow. The fact that its on double pages and you can see the pages behind it make it even cooler
ELMO-kibafangirl11's avatar
I LOVE this idea. it's amazing~
booper101's avatar
Is this from the book "Tithe" perhaps? T`was an interesting book, yes?
Ashwings's avatar
Nope! I just thought the word Tithe was cool =D
Chrysshart's avatar
xxmystique's avatar
Out of Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside, Tithe won hands down.

I like the composition of this. Purdy.
psyclonius's avatar
i thought it was batman at first
Foux's avatar
I like how you merge both pages..its great
undead-faery's avatar
Yay Holly Black! I like how tilted this is, it's making me tilt my head back at it, haha. Telephone poles have an awesome silhouette.
showjumpergirl's avatar
That..... is just really cool. I love weird stuff like that xDD
crazyadams87's avatar
What were you reading? Also that thing reminds me of a old child monster story. The only thing i can remember was that is had a old man and it cut off some little monster thing and it got it tail back after he got the old man.
StruckByEros's avatar
Real nice, been enjoying your moleskine works, nice nice my friend.
CC-Chan's avatar
I don't know what this either, but if it were on a shirt or something, I would totally buy it.

there's just something so immensely cool about this.
HysteriaBound's avatar
I really like the way the telephone pole is on a crazy angle, but the figure is just standing straight. Makes it seem even more supernatural some how. Also the poem/text works really well with it.
Skyelark's avatar
Whatever it is. It's AWESOME. Distinct undertones of Hyam Myazaki-san
ZombieGirl6's avatar
I find this awesome :D
justxguess's avatar
wherejoo get it? I can't find any moleskins that don't suuuuuuck. :<
Ashwings's avatar
I got it off of :)
justxguess's avatar
okay thanks : DDDDDDDDDDDD♥
MARoy's avatar
i love this, it's creepy, eerie and would scare the shit outta people
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