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Moleskine: Quetzalcoatl

From my Moleskine sketchbook thing, will post the line-arts later =D
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Very unique and creative ^^ Great job!
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I love the wings and the feathers near the neck and head
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I loved the features.
Ever thought of exposing their works in the Louvre?

Now in English
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Hahah, thank you! I don't speak polish :XD:
I'm glad you enjoy the picture! I am not good enough to be in the Louvre! :)
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Haha, is not Polish. I have written in Brazilian Portuguese.
Ashwings's avatar
Shoot that's what I meant actually xD I always get those two names mixed up--which is bad because they are both very different! :XD:
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Amei os traços.
Já pensou em expor os seus trabalhos no museu do louvre?
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Being a long time follower of your work (2004) and Mexican I can tell you I LOVE the fact that a canadian artist includes Aztec gods in their production and this piece itself has beautiful details, classy color scheme; fits into the box right in, it doesn't need anymore than what it has.

There one final comment, Quetzalcoatl is more a serpent than a bird, we call him the "feathered serpent" and he is like this [link] he's the most powerful good of aztecs, he took the form of a person and visited the aztecs, they say looked like a bearded man (native mexicans have very few facial hair), like a messiah he said he would come back,

When the spanish came, people thought their conquerer was Quetzalcoatl because he was a bearded man, little did they know he was some foreign funcker that was going to mess up their land,

Oh well, just thought I had to comment on that, happy halloween!
Ashwings's avatar
Hahah no problem :D Go Aztec!
And a happy Halloween to you too! :)
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(that's the noise I made when I saw this)
Amazing! looks so good, great design, cool expression - just great, good job! ^^
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Wow. And I suck. Very sorry about that (but I do mean the Ooh anyway).
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I honestly can't say which I like better, the sketch or the over-painting. Either could be torn from the sketchbook of some mythic explorer.
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neat. haven't seen quetzal look like this before. very smooth pencil to digital.
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Very cool! I can't tell if it was colored with markers or watercolor...
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wow! what size is your moleskine?
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It's the small 5x8 one =D
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i am pretty impressed now!
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I gotta say the end of that tail and those wings are a favorite!
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Reminds me of a griffin more. But great job either way! It seems slightly unbalanced.
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I love how the backround has that "old knight history book" page look. I also love how the pale shades of the blue-ish grey you use to colour the dragon compliments the whole picture. Keep up the good work :D
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