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Jenny vs Ree - Firefly Dorks



woooooow categories! They are confusing. Alphabetize, yes?

This is a gift for :iconendling: for being awesome.

I wanted to join this tournament going on, but time is unforgiving for me, and I am finding I have less and less of it as the days go by. Not to mention the fact that my character has ZERO superpowers, so, in all honesty she should have died from the fall haha.

Bit rushed, dialog was poorly planned out (or rather, not planned out at all) and sketchbook paper ISN'T the greatest thing to draw on, it scans very poorly.

I would have made it longer, but I was very unsure who Rees favorite Firefly characters were^^ I imagined if you put the 2 biggest firefly fantards in one comic they both would have yammered on about this for DAYS, everything from Damn purple bellies (Fox) to like...the ins and out of a mid-bulk transport ship, how Wash is the shit and that they both pretend that he never died in the movie D:

Nothing would get done.

Anyways! Yes n_n This was also done for the fact that I just really wanted to dork out about Firefly with someone haha.

Ree (c) :iconendling:
TZH Jenny (c)

Jenny is a prude.
Also, if you caught The Friendly Giant reference in the first panel you win cool points.
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Neat I like this. IDK y