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Korra cosplay

This cosplay is at about 90% completion. I still have some things to fix with the bending effects and I also have to get a haircut for it. I won't be getting one until Kumoricon is super close because my hair grows FAST. I /could/ use a wig, but you know me: I'm all about dat natural hair.

Despite the Sylveon cosplay I posted being a big more glamorous, I know I'm always going to have a soft spot for this one. It's been years in the making (well, planning of it; the actual process took maybe just a few months) and I'm so happy with how it came out. I originally wanted to do Korra back when Season 1 of LoK just came out, but depression drained my confidence and I never finished it despite already owning all the fabric for it. It took until last year when I finished my Blake Belladonna cosplay that I gained enough confidence to try again for Korra. But this time I opted for Book 4 Korra cause 1) I liked her design better 2) I identified with her as a character more, after her struggles in season 3.

This is my first from scratch cosplay. Enough that I could enter it into a contest if I wanted (but I'm not going to since I'm entering Sylveon instead). Finishing this cosplay from scratch gave me an ego boost that taking on Sylveon didn't feel so daunting. 

Hoping to get some better photos of this and Sylveon. It probably won't be until Kumoricon, unless Jason and I decide to get that sweet camera we were both talking about.
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