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Mother Time

I had this concept for time which I just remembered today. I think, in class, we had to personify the subject, "time". Of course, the first thing many thought of was "father time". An old man, perhaps with a scythe. But I got to thinking and that metaphor didn't quite seem appropriate to me. A scythe can cut down, but it can't create.

And then it came to me, mother time. A pregnant figure holding a scythe. Her full womb symbolizes creation and her scythe symbolizes destruction- the cycle of time. I gave her a green cloak as a neutral colour, and as an earth tone. I feel more comfortable giving time an earth tone rather than black or white. So in a way, it kind of incorporates mother earth as well!
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Nicelly done, so sweet and dute that I would hugh her.
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The concept is genious c:
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Dear gravy, that's GENIUS!!
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I faved this more for the meaning you gave to it. . . The drawing is good too. But the concept just got me. Thank you for the ideas in my head just now! Keep up the good work! ^^
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I should do more drawings where I express meaning... ha ha
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Well thought out. I approve!
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I approve your approval.
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I approve your approval of my approval. :D
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Wow. You're deep man. :0

i love it.
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I gotta be if I ever want to measure up to the likes of people Miyazaki and/or Osamu Tezuka! ha ha. Thank you!
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I love that concept! Your explanation really makes the design even better. :D
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Thanks! Maybe I should post some other spirit things I've created. They've always got strange concepts behind them... ha ha.
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Wow, that is a really cool concept of time! I like that it's not the cliche old guy with the scythe/hourglass. :3

Great job!
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Yeha that's what I was trying to avoid.
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:XD: You're most welcome! :3
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That's an interesting idea... in one of my classes, my teacher was always asking about time, and when we would say there wasn't enough time, he would ask us to define what time was.
It was hard to get extentionsin that class.

But this is really interesting! I like the pregnant idea most of all - really unique.
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Ha ha Tthat's itneresting. It seems that in that class Mother Time brought her scythe down and cut you short! Ha ha.

And argh I've been meaning to write you back again! Ha ha. Soon and I will tell you all about my fantastic summer. It seems like only yesterday I was writing you asking "did you jsut get out of school?" Ha ha.
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Aughh she totally was. Whatever I argued with would just be shot down by my teacher.

Haha, aww, you're so sweet ;v; At least I've still got a month left...! While you, meanwhile, have like... 2. Haha.
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Wow! its Awesome! And nice coloring
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I love your idea. And this drawing.
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Quite a nice piccy-chur there. It's safe to assume you've been influenced by Jamie Hewlett?
If not, it's uncanny how well your style would mesh with his.
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Huh! That's the first time I've been comapred ot jamie Hewlett, ha ha! I can see where you'd think it though, at least in this picture.

But no, really he's had a subtle influence on me if any. I like his work but I only briefly brush up with it in the context of Gorillaz. Ha ha.

Uncanny indeed!
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