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spidersona by Ashura01 spidersona :iconashura01:Ashura01 8 0 WIP SpriteSheet by Ashura01 WIP SpriteSheet :iconashura01:Ashura01 1 0 Lift the Warforged by Ashura01 Lift the Warforged :iconashura01:Ashura01 2 1 Link.exe Battlechip by Ashura01 Link.exe Battlechip :iconashura01:Ashura01 0 0 USS Charleston by Ashura01 USS Charleston :iconashura01:Ashura01 2 0 Federation Starship-WIP3 by Ashura01 Federation Starship-WIP3 :iconashura01:Ashura01 0 0 Federation Starship-WIP2 by Ashura01 Federation Starship-WIP2 :iconashura01:Ashura01 1 0 Federation Starship-WIP by Ashura01 Federation Starship-WIP :iconashura01:Ashura01 1 0 Undertale Sketches by Ashura01 Undertale Sketches :iconashura01:Ashura01 4 0 Kamen Rider Lobo by Ashura01 Kamen Rider Lobo :iconashura01:Ashura01 6 0 Station Of Awakening-Oswald by Ashura01 Station Of Awakening-Oswald :iconashura01:Ashura01 6 0 Keblade Forgotten King 3d Wip by Ashura01 Keblade Forgotten King 3d Wip :iconashura01:Ashura01 1 0 Sword Project 2 by Ashura01 Sword Project 2 :iconashura01:Ashura01 1 0 Sword Project by Ashura01 Sword Project :iconashura01:Ashura01 3 0 Link.exe by Ashura01 Link.exe :iconashura01:Ashura01 9 0 Megaman OC: Tempo by Ashura01 Megaman OC: Tempo :iconashura01:Ashura01 2 0

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Once upon a time there was a website called, and it hosted one of the largest collections of fan made startrek 3d models around. Unfortunately that collection has mostly been scattered to the far winds after the website shut down, but I was a kid during its lifetime and I probably spent hours just looking at all of the pretty spaceships. 

I know that there is at least one person who has a fair chunk of the various models that were once hosted there right here on Deviantart (…) but so far as I knew one ship in particular had simply vanished into the aether. One of my favorites, and one that was used as the lead ship in the fan series: The Helena Chronicles

The Wanderer/Charleston-Class

I have probably spent hundreds of hours searching for a website hosting a copy of this model. What I didn't expect was to find it on steam in the Source Filmmaker Workshop. Funny where Internet history will show up.…
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Oh never mind me, just jumping on the #spidersona bandwagon, And of course Because I am a massive weaboo, I made mine a Kamen Rider. Say hello to Kamen Rider Kumo!
WIP SpriteSheet
Yesterday I thought that I'd try my hand at drawing one of my characters as if it were a sprite for an old side scrolling videogame and I'm pretty pleased with the results, I also decided to use a character of mine that ISN'T based on someone else's intellectual property. 

I've done a few poses with this guy, and I'm pretty happy with how its turned out so far, I'm going to keep working at it and see if I can do a full sprite sheet for him.
Lift the Warforged
Wow I didn't post this here yet? A few months ago I was looking at my old deviations and noticed an old picture of this guy that I did when I was younger and I felt like doing something a bit less...crappy.

Back around 2008 I was part of a DnD campaign in the Eberron setting. I was particularly interested in playing as one of the new races that was introduced in the setting, the Warforged. His name was Lift, and he was one of the last to come out of the creation forges, So he didn't see much action.

Why's he called Lift? Well, Warforged can be a rather unimaginative lot when it comes to names, Before he took up adventuring, Lift used to work on the docks of one of the major cities moving cargo. The campaign didn't last long, but I've still got his character sheet hidden somewhere around here.

I keep meaning to go back to this at some point and doing an actual background, but I guess I've been putting it off because perspective drawing and I get along like oil and water
Link.exe Battlechip
I just finished playing the 5th demo of Megaman Battle Network ChronoX and was feeling inspired to do something related to the franchise, so I took the link.exe design that I had made previously and made a battlechip for him!

I honestly struggled with the pose for a while, I wanted to have him doing a slashing motion but nothing that I drew was really looking right so I finally just threw my hands in the air and said "screw it"

I imagine that the chip would work like something along the lines of his final smash in Smash Bros, like this:


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great, I have him meeting a few sequentially in my written chapter about him. Any ideas on how the meeting starts/goes? How do they run into each other? Who starts the conversation?
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