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Color Candy photoshop style

Color Candy photoshop layer style

It is easy to creat web buttons, Web 2.0 logo, icons and so on.
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Great stuff. Thank you.

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Thank you so much!

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Good to revise again and again thanks a lot .
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Can anyone email me and tell me where to find the squares like above but only the outline no color inside? Not sure what they are called, bu tI need them badly. Email to thanks
thx for it!
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- Thanks,download
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Thanks! I like it!
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thanks for share
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Those actually looks like candy and i would like to go to bed with them make sweet love with them and squish them with my tongue.

Good work!
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Good work!
Please check out my new work too…
Hope you appreciate it :)
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Everywhere i go you're here advertising your website.
Please stop it's annoying.

If you don't care about my opinion please feel free to send me a message describing why you don't care about my opinion.
However if you care about my opinion then feel free to stop advertising your website all over DA.

But then again, that's not how the internet works. So please feel free to give a shit about my opinion.

I forgot that i wil probably forget about this one-sided discussion in the next hour or so. So i don't care really, it's 04:48 AM and i'm bored.

Have a good day.
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