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CSS Progress Bar

By Ashung
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CSS Progress Bar
This tutorial will show you how to create a fixed width Vista style progress bar use XHTML/CSS in my way.

*Use CSS Sprites.
*Valid XHTML and CSS.

You can download the source code. I hope you like it. :)
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thanks for your woek

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Great !
Haha did not even guessed.
Nice Work, Ashung !

If you don't want it to repeat, modify the Javascript as follow :

var i = 0;
function animate() {
if (i <= 100) {
document.getElementById(\"test\").style.width = i + "%";
setTimeout(animate, 500);

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Just a question...

When the animation of the bar is complete, it repeats.
How can I turn off the repeating?

How can I modify the code to make sure the bar remains complete after the animation is over?
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I'm so sorry. I'm not good at server-side language and JavaScript. This JavaScript just make the bar animation, and it can't working in real work. You can ask your programer friends or Google it.
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Well, I'll have to google it xD

This is really good for things like redirections :)
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cool ... nice work :p
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