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Gift Art for Kiinai

Gift art for the wonderful and lovely kiinaikit 

Featuring their lovely babe  1381 by QuirlicornAdmin
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Ash, this is such a lovely thing to wake up to <3 Thank you so much for doing this <3

Poor Elu doesn't get the attention she deserves, and you've been so brave in tackling her antlers! You've absolutely nailed it :D Thank you so, so much <3333

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To be honest i cheated on the antlers a bit using her log cuz i was butchering them so bad at first. My inner "this must be perfect" was rearing its ugly head. It was really important to get you baby looking just right

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That's what the reference is there for! <3 Don't feel bad at all, they're insane antlers lol I think you're incredibly brave for taking on the challenge, and it means all the more to me that you didn't shy away from it <33