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Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

"AnimeExpo 2014" Adorned the front of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Amongst the crowd surging towards the imposing looking building were two rather ordinary looking young men. On the right was Jason Hendricks. He was roughly 3 inches above the average height at 5'11". He had light-hair, shining blue eyes, and a semi-pale complexion that indicated a lack of normative exposure to the light of the sun. He had a fairly athletic build, indicating at least maintenance of some physical activity despite his pale complexion.

To his left was Andrew Mason. A rather short individual in comparison with his 5'11" companion, Andrew sat at a measly 5'6". He had dirty blond hair, sky blue eyes that were distorted by a pair of amber colored and oval lensed wireframe glasses. His complexion was extremely pale and unlike Jason he had little to no muscle definition.

The two young men didn't really stand out from the crowd; the attention of most of the people present was drawn towards the cosplayers posing outside of the doors the convention center. Jason and Andrew looked and admired their costumes, but didn't dwell on those outside. The two were much more interested on what was inside the convention center. The two stopped for a moment at the doors, taking a deep breath in preparation for the spectacle that they were about to step into. Jason couldn't help but let the excitement decorate his face. It was a lifelong goal of his to attend AnimeExpo, and now he was finally here.

Andrew on the other hand allowed little to no emotion to bleed into his facial expressions. He was mostly along for the ride, having promised Jason that if he ever got tickets to go that he would come along. He held a mild interest in Anime, enjoying a select few of the shows, but unlike his counterpart he had a hard time getting into the culture.

Taking one final breath the two boys pushed on the convention center doors, and stepped inside. They were not prepared for what greeted them. They stared down over railings onto three full floors of booths, stages, and displays full of every Anime possible. There were booths about everything from One Piece to Attack on Titan. The two stood in stunned silence taking in their surroundings before Jason finally broke the silence.

"Well, the air isn't what I was expecting, but you got to admit... this place is pretty damn impressive, and that's excluding all the cosplayers. Guy could come in here only admiring Anime and come out practically worshiping it. Living and breathing the feelings generated by all the costumes, and harboring plans to buy at least five other anime series to go along with all the souvenirs they bought... Thank God I saved up some extra money. Chances are, I'm gonna max-out my backpack."

Andrew was still wide eyed, completely blown away by what he was looking at. "I knew it was going to be big. I knew there were going to be a lot of people here. I was not prepared for the sheer volume of artistic display and quality. My god. People really do take this stuff seriously."

Jason nodded, brandishing his Smartphone, which he had spared no expense to ensure it had enough room for all the photos and videos he'd intended to save in his lifetime, which was close to nothing before coming here. Sure there was the occasional family gathering, birthdays, anniversaries, etc... But he often forgot to bring out his phone since it was just one of those things he carried. Aside from Andy, he only had a hand-full of call-worthy friends, and he had no girlfriends to speak off, at least since the two little "mishaps" with the "psychotics". He also had a map downloaded onto it, to back up the paper one Andy carried, since Jason tended to be the most prepared in areas like that.   "Let's see now... Dang there's a lot of things going on today. I guess the Expo wants to show everything that's going to be going on. Can't say I blame them. Good weather means lots of people and possibly little-to-no show-ups, but that also means there's little chance for us to take in everything before the day's up... What do you think, Andy? Traverse to the far side? Work our way back. We might be able to make the Fairy Tail panel just after lunch if we do that. Be able to make the cosplay contest as well."

"Yeah, that sounds like a good Idea. We can work our way around to the far side, I see a One Piece forbidden fruit booth and a Yu Yu Hakusho booth along the way. I think I even see a Naruto Headband booth. There's a cafeteria over that way too that we can stop and eat lunch at. We got here late and my stomach is growling, I don't want to have to spend the rest of the day walking around on an empty stomach!"

Jason chuckled. Anybody who looked at Andy might mistake him for either a boy, whose body was using its energy in preparation for a growth-spurt, or a starving boy, due to his physique. He couldn't exactly argue with their assumptions, but it was yet to be determined just who was the hungrier individual, considering how he worked-out out enough to maintain a steady metabolism. Still, the plan seemed solid, and there were a couple other booths along the way that he wouldn't mind passing by, including a Ranma 1/2 booth, which heralded to some of the older anime he'd stockpiled. "Sounds like a plan. Let go."

The two boys descended the staircase onto the main floor and moved away from the flow of the crowd to the back booths. They stopped every couple of feet to gawk at the extremely skilled cosplay artists that drifted by heading every which way whilst avoiding the constant stream of admiring fanboys.

Andrew stopped at the one piece booth and was able to purchase a replica of the Gum-Gum Fruit which the main character Monkey D. Luffy was infamous for having consumed, and gave him his rubber band like powers. While Andrew moved from the One Piece booth to the Yu Yu Hakusho booth Jason spotted a cosplayer dressed like Felicia from Darkstalkers. He managed to wave her down and get her to take a picture with him. Andrew emerged from the Yu Yu Hakusho booth just in time to get roped in as the photographer to which he grumbling agreed.

Satisfied with his photo, Jason thanked the cosplayer and the two continued their trek. Jason went to investigate the Ranma 1/2 booth. Andrew wandered into the Naruto Headband booth, looking for the village hidden in the mists specific symbol.

As Jason wandered through the Ranma booth something caught his eye. He walked over to a rather large looking set of ink prints and couldn't believe what he was seeing.  Ranma Saotome, the main character, who shared his name with the anime and manga series title, was a martial artist cursed with by Jusenkyo water, which thereafter falling into a spring full of cold water he becomes a girl, when doused with hot water his situation is remedied and he returns to his male form. The prints, though containing plenty of said water, "TG" transformation, also contained what appeared to be fan drawings of a second transformation into a straight red-head wearing a snazzy, short black dress, promptly before changing a fellow Ranma 1/2 character into a girl via a peek on the cheek. Being a fan of the series, and a sudden fan of the fan-art, Jason purchased a small stack from the vendor, whose large, square-framed glasses dipped slightly as he bowed his brown-headed hair in appreciation. Andy gave Jason a funny look, but made efforts to avoid having Jason go off on an Anime-phia rant.

Satisfied with what they had acquired so far the two boys made their way to the cafeteria where they proceeded to place food orders. Jason decided against going for the themed items on the menu to save some cash, instead, requesting a plate of "spaghetti and meatballs" with a small side salad to go with the breadsticks the cafe serve to dine-ins. It wasn't a bad choice. In fact, unlike Andy, he wasn't all that hungry. In fact, most of his time was spent watching some of the cute waitresses, American girls mostly, but a few of them looking to be of some Asian descent, all of whom were in impossibly good shape and sported short skirts that showed off their supple legs. Their appearance, coupled with the anime-theme of the day's service provided enough distraction for him to wait out Andy's ramen, which turned out to be a much larger bowl than they'd anticipated, complete with a slice of crab cake. Jason's only regret was that the cafe had a "No photography" policy, aside from special request, which would cost almost half of the spending money he had left.

Andrew finished the bowl of Ramen, leaning back in his chair and letting out a long satisfied sigh. He looked up and saw Janus looking away. He followed his line of sight to a cosplayer dressed as Lisanna, from Fairy Tail, in a particularly revealing Maid outfit. Andrew smiled slyly and shook his head. "Sightseeing?" He said, startling Jason slightly from his imaginative staring.

Jason smiled. "Not as much as I'd like. You ready? We've got a lot of ground to cover."

"Yeah, let's get moving. The panel starts in about an hour, which gives us time to make it to the other side and work our way back along the main path."

Jason got up, leaving the waitress a tip and his half of the meal. He gave the Lisanna cosplayer another glance, meeting her eyes for a moment and mustering the courage to smile instead of looking away. He was rewarded with an even more impressive smile, leading him to say, "I wonder if she's participating in the cosplay contest. Not that I brought an outfit..."

Andrew took a look at her too. "Hmmm...She probably is that costume is really good. She'd definitely win if she entered one of the singles. It's kind of weird, with as many people that are here, you would think there would be more Fairy Tail cosplayers out and about, but she's the only one I've seen so far."

"I'm sure there's more. We just haven't looked long enough. Kind of strange to be seeing one of her though. If anybody, I'd expect maybe a Lucy, or an Erza, possibly a Natsu or Gray. But every fan has their preferences I guess. I just like hers." Jason smirked.

Andrew rolled his eyes. "How could I forget, if I didn't know any better I'd say you wrote fan fiction about her." He said dismissively.

Jason laughed. "Actually, I do. Not about Lisanna. Not yet at least... Let's go. Don't get a cramp."

Andrew snorted. "I don't get cramps. I do this kind of walking all the time at College, this is nothing compared to the 20 minute walk from our dorm to the Science complex." Andrew said as he proceeded to follow Jason out of the cafeteria. The two continued to walk around the back booths, towards the main avenue. They briefly stopped at a couple including a Dragon Ball Z booth, but didn't linger for more than a minute at each due to the time constraints. With 20 minutes left before the panel the two reached the entrance to the main travel path. The crowd had thinned some due to the beginning of some of the more popular panels, but still quite a few people clogged the main avenue.

As the two entered the sea of people and began to push their way towards the stairs to descend into the lower halls where the panels were held, a particular booth caught Andrew's eye. From a distance he could make out the sign. It read "Fairy Tail Tattoos". Andrew stopped for a second and caught Jason's sleeve to get his attention.

"Hey Jason, look at the booth over there. After the panel we got to go over there and check it out."

Jason smiled. "I'm glad to see you getting into the swing of things. I just might make an Anime Otaku out of you yet." Jason fiddled with his phone for a moment, and then said. "All right. Booth's marked. Let's get in line for the panel shall we?"

The two made their way to the escalator and down to the panel halls quickly, not stopping for anything else. They made it into the hall with 15 minutes to spare, finding it surprisingly empty. As a result they grabbed two seats on the front row, right in front of the main stage. Their excitement built as the minutes passed and hundreds of people poured into the room filling it to capacity.

The doors to the room closed and the lights dimmed leading to gasps from the crowd. Spotlights clicked on and started to wander around the room. A voice came over the loudspeaker, silencing the murmuring crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the AnimeExpo 2014 Fairy Tail Panel!" The voice paused allowing the crowd to roar in applause. Jason and Andrew could barely contain their excitement, clapping and yelling quite loudly with those around them. The voice continued, maintaining its excited tone. "It is our honor to have with us today Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima!" The crowd went crazy as the spotlights centered on the right side of the stage.

An Asian man strolled out onto the stage; he was short but bursting with energy as he bounced. He looked to be in his mid-thirties. It was very clear that he was excited to be there. The spotlight followed him as he approached the podium. He grabbed the microphone on the podium and tapped it. Andrew and Jason’s excitement grew as he spoke into the microphone, and introduced the voice actors for each major character in the anime.

After everyone was introduced and seated he started to talk about the future of the series and what was next for the magical guild of Fairy Tail as well as the kingdom of Fiore. The more he talked the more excited and fidgety he seemed to get. Finally he stopped and looked at the crowd. He spoke slowly and with a more reserved tone, but it was clear he was struggling to hold back the energy he was feeling. "Fairy Tail has become a huge success in Japan. It has become so big that it is considered among the greatest works of Anime ever created. Some even compare it to the mighty Dragon Ball Z, though I wouldn't go that far. What I never imagined was its popularity here in the United States. Many of you have ordered box sets, merchandise, T-shirts and other clothing. So what I'm about to say next will probably make many of you incredibly happy." He paused allowing the crowd to murmur and theorize what this big announcement was going to be. Then he spoke. "It is my honor to announce that we are creating an English dubbing of Fairy Tail that will air here in the United States!" He stepped back from the podium as the crowd, along with Jason and Andrew, went absolutely insane.

The lights returned to normal as the panel moved to a more open end. The floor was opened for questions, and cosplayers were asked to come to the front. To Jason's surprise the same Lisanna cosplayer, who had returned his smile earlier in the cafeteria, stood there among them. He once again caught her eye, and she winked at him.

Andrew saw the display and turned to Jason. "You should go talk to her; it seems she has a thing for you. I'm going to go get the Voice Actors autographs. Do you have anything you want me to get signed?"

“I Left everything Anime-related at home.” Jason said distracted.

"That's alright; I brought an extra poster from home just in case something like this happened." Andrew said, walking away before Jason could protest. Andrew managed to get both posters signed by everyone, even Mashima himself. As the panel came to a close the crowd began to drain from the room, buzzing with excitement. Andrew waited by the door, looking at his watch every couple seconds as he scanned the thinning crowd. Finally he caught sight of Jason walking towards him with a happy grin creasing his face. Andrew didn't even have to ask how it went as Jason held up a small piece of paper with a phone number on it. The two proceeded to follow the trailing end of the crowd outside and up the escalators.

Once they were back on the main floor they made their way towards the tattoo booth. When they stepped foot through the booth door they were stopped in astonishment. Decorating the walls of this rather large booth were large ink prints of each and every tattoo from the series. They looked carefully and intricately painted. The detail on each was astounding.

"Wow Jason. Look they have every single tattoo for every character on the show. Look here's Erza, there's Lucy, Natsu, and even Lisanna. I wonder if these are for sale. I would love to purchase the Erza one." Andrew said in wonder.

A snort came from the right side of the booth next to the entrance. "Fat chance of that. These are all original prints; there is no way some half pint 13 year old kid is going to be able to afford to purchase one of these." Andrew turned to see the speaker. Standing behind a counter with a cash register was a woman cosplaying as Mirajane; she wore a long red dress with a pink frilly bow on the chest. The rest of the dress's details were blocked by the counter.

Jason could see the anger rising in Andrew and decided to step in before things got ugly.

"Well, that wasn't very nice, Mirajane. I thought you got along with the customers. I'm gonna have to tell the master. He might to force you to wear (something much) more revealing. And by 'master', I of course mean the booth manager..." Jason smirked. He was fairly confident that the cosplayer hid some imperfections, plus, even the Expo was short on jobs. Just in case he was slightly out of line with that playful humor, he presented a small wad of bills containing more than several Ben Franklins. "Besides, my friend's actually a college student going to Vanderbilt. You should respect his frame just as much as his brain."

The Mirajane cosplayer shook her head, almost ignoring what Jason had said. "Sorry kid, that's a lot of money and would probably, be enough, but the prints aren't for sale. They're just in the booth for display."

Andrew snorted. "Then what do you sell."

She started to play with a pen lying on the counter, acting bored and uninterested. Andrew started to get impatient as she continued to play with the pen for about a minute before finally sighing, seeing that the two annoying boys weren't going to go away. "We sell temporary tattoos." She held up a piece of paper the same size as the print, except thinner, with the exception of the ink tattoo on it.

"Temporary? What kind of crap is that?" Andrew scoffed.

"Well it's mostly for little kids, they watch the show and then come to these type conventions looking for a way to play pretend. So my boss decided he could take a break from giving people real tattoos and created these prints that you see decorating the wall. We make the temporary tattoos based off the ink patterns of the prints, and then sell them. The kids get to pretend their Fairy Tail characters, the parents are happy that the kids aren't bothering them, and we make money. It's a win win for everyone. Now do you want one or not? If not stop wasting my time and go back to looking up girls skirts on the main floor."

Andrew snorted yet again. "Fine. We'll buy two of your temporary tattoos. I'll have Erza's. Jason which one do you want." He paused for a moment and then added. "I'll pay for it."

Jason scratched the back of his neck, most likely undecided. Sure, he liked the Anime as well as the Manga, but to choose a character's mark right off the bat, despite the difference between them mainly consisting of color and body placement, must have been tough. "I'll take a temporary Fairy Tail guild on the chest. You can surprise me with the color." With that, he pulled off his shirt, surprising the booth occupant almost as much as Andy. He had some pretty nice pectorals, the kind of which would go proudly with a tattoo like that, regardless of whose mark that was.

The booth occupant seemed to hesitate before she spoke. She didn't look right at Jason, instead looking at Andrew, her eyes occasionally glancing at the other boy’s bare chest. "Uhm...we don't actually put the tattoos on you. You take the tattoos and put them under warm water, then place them wherever you want. Most people do it on the place that the character normally has theirs." With that she turned around and grabbed an Erza Tattoo, as well as a random tattoo for Jason. Again avoiding eye contact with Jason she handed the Tattoos to Andrew.

"How much do I owe you?" Andrew asked, pulling out his wallet.

The woman glanced quickly at Jason, and then waved her hand. "It's free. Just take it and your friend and leave please."

Andrew walked back to Jason shook his head and handed him the Tattoo, and headed towards the door. Jason stood their kind of awkwardly for a moment before quickly following, tattoo in hand.

Andrew stopped him before he walked out onto the convention floor. "You should probably put your shirt back on."

Jason smirked. "I knew this body would come in handy someday..."

Andrew put his palm to his forehead. "Just put your shirt on so that we can go try these tattoos out."

The two boys stood by the sink in the bathroom. This bathroom was on the bottom floor, away from the commotion and the hubbub of the main convention activity, so they could put the tattoos on in peace. They stood staring at the tattoos. Andrew held Erza's blue tattoo, while Jason held a red Fairy Tail Tattoo. He knew the shade of red was Natsu's. He was kind of excited now.

"Should I go first or you?" Andrew said a little nervously.

"What? Are you nervous?" Jason slapped him lightly on the back. "Stick it on, man. I'm right behind ya."

"Alright." Andrew said, taking a deep breath he turned on the water and put the tattoo under the warm faucet water until it was soaked. He then took the tattoo and placed it firmly on his arm right where Erza would place hers. He applied pressure for several seconds watching as the ink bled from the paper onto his arm, before slowly peeling the paper away from his skin. He was surprised as the tattoo was imprinted perfectly on his skin, he could already feel the ink drying. Normally these temporary tattoos were super cheap, and would run all over the place, but these surprisingly didn't.

He looked up to find a shirtless Jason with a deep red version of the same tattoo on his chest. Andy couldn't tell if he meant it to be in the same location as Gray Fullbuster's tattoo or not, but Gray's tattoo was at least a dark blue. At the same time though, it seemed rather fitting, considering how he practically practiced Gray's “strip” technique in front of the rude booth operator. Jason looked up from the tattoo to see how Andrew's was doing. Andrew presented his for Jason's judgment.

"I'm surprised these worked so well." Andrew said. "Normally this kind of thing runs like crazy."

"You wear these often? I can't remember the last time I wore a tat of any kind, let alone a temporary."

"Nah, I've seen other kids put them on a lot. Helped a couple too. Not too sure why people go for the fake tattoos. Must be to avoid the pa-aghh." Andrew started to say but was cut off by a burning sensation in his arm.

"Whoa! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm ok it's just my arm is burning like crazy." Andrew turned his arm to look at the source of the pain. His eyes widened as he saw that the Tattoo on his arm was glowing bright blue, while the skin around it was starting to ripple. He gripped his arm, trying to stop the pain but the mark seemed to glow brighter with each second. It pulsed like an infected cut, growing warmer and warmer.

His other arm flew away as his left arm started to change. Bone cracked and skin tightened as his arm started to grow longer. His hand grew bigger, the skin on his palms softening as the bones in his fingers started to stretch. He ran into one of the stalls, afraid of what was happening and not wanting Jason to see what he thought was going on. As he shut and locked the door he put his back against it and held his left hand up to his face. The skin tone had deepened and the fingers had stretched. The nails were much more neatly trimmed than before.

The changes weren't stopping though. His left shoulder was already shrinking. It spread across his shoulders like fire to his other arm. He watched and ground his teeth as the bones in his right arm cracked and stretched, following the pattern his left arm had already endured. He started to sweat as his fingers lengthened and the palm of his left hand grew larger. He gasped as a strange sensation filled both arms. He looked down and found his arms swelling, muscle building beneath the skin. He could feel the power within his arms. The muscles weren't extraordinarily large, but they were insanely powerful. He felt something else inside them as well, something more alien.

As his arms finished his torso started to heat up. His chest cavity started to expand, becoming more prominent, and easing the looseness of his shirt caused by the shrinking of his shoulders. He felt the strange musculature present in his arms start to fill his chest as his skin smoothed and tanned. The hair in his armpits fell out, sliding out of the sleeves of his shirt. His waist began to push inwards, the little fat present there migrating up and settling behind his nipples which were becoming stiff and incredibly sensitive.

He gasped as his stomach hardened, gurgling as muscle started to form. He watched as the vague lines of a strong, feminine core where there had been nothing before. His shirt was starting to reveal midriff as the heat returned to his chest. His eyes grew wide in wonder as his nipples started to bulge, pushing and rubbing against the fabric of the shirt. His breaths came raggedly as intense sensations of pleasure rolled across his shifting form. In a single moment the lumps on his chest burst free, growing into a pair of C-cup breasts. The lumps drew his shirt up revealing his chiseled stomach and belly button. His spine cracked and snapped, pushing his already prominent chest forwards. His butt inflated like a balloon, and his hips spread apart with a painful and cringe worthy crack.

The heat concentrated in his groin, causing him to pant like a dog in heat. Waves of pleasure rolled across his body as the compressed member started to throb. Feminine moans, which he could not recognize as his own, left his mouth as the bulge in his pants started to shrink. His hips began to involuntarily thrust as an intense mix of pleasure and pain emanated from his ever shrinking groin. With a sickening slurp the bulge completely vanished from his now very loose pants. He could feel his organs shifting, his male reproduction system being torn apart and reformed. It was hard for her to think, hard for her to concentrate on what was happening, her senses were overloaded with the intense waves of pleasure that rolled from the forming nerves in her vaginal wall.

As a result she failed to notice the swelling of her thighs as the familiar and strangely powerful muscles that were appearing on the rest of her body manifested. Her lower legs cracked and started to stretch causing her to nearly fall face forward into the toilet. She managed to catch herself on the sides of the stalls, accidentally punching a hole on each side. Her calf muscles became more prominent on both legs while the skin smoothed. Her feet started to change. They started to crack and grow larger, while the shape and structure was altered. Her arches rose higher, and her toes grew slightly longer as the whole of her foot increased by a size or two, bursting her shoes. The bottom of each foot became rough, the skin toughened from years of hard labor and calluses.

As the rest of her body finished changing her face began to heat. In a matter of seconds it felt like her face was on fire. She wanted to squeal, wanted to dip her head in the toilet water, but her body wasn’t responding. With a painful crack she felt her chin round into a point. Her lips started to swell, filling out. Her cheeks softened and her cheekbones rose as her face became more angled, even heart shaped. Her nose shrunk, becoming small like a button, but having a sharp and definitive nature. Her eyes stung and she blinked repeatedly as they started to grow, rounding into an almond shape as the color of her iris’s shifted from blue to brown. Her lashes grew longer and her eyebrows thinned down into lines, changing color to a deep and vibrant red.

As her face settled into its new features, her scalp began to tingle. A new and foreign weight began to press upon her head and hair began to creep into her field of vision. Deep and vibrant red strands of hair that were extremely familiar cascaded down his back falling all the way to her engorged rear. She stood there in stunned silence for a moment trying to come to grasps with what had just happened. She wasn’t a guy anymore, the emptiness between her legs and the breasts adorning her chest assured her of that. The question was who had she become? She had an eerie and unsettling feeling about the answer.

She slid down the stall door, trying to get her head together. She briefly glanced at the tattoo, the catalyst for whomever…or whatever she had become. It was no longer glowing, so she had to assume that the changes were complete. She looked back up to the two fresh holes adorning each side of the stall. There was no way she could have done that. It wasn’t feasible. Yet there stood the proof. She had singlehandedly broke through thick plastic with her bare fists. The more she thought about it, the more she started to fear that the situation was real.

Finally the now female Andrew stood up, red hair swaying back and forth with the movement. She suddenly remembered that Jason had been with her before the transformation. It occurred to her that something similar might have happened to him as well. Misjudging her strength she moved to open the door, and instead sent it flying off its hinges. It slammed into the bathroom wall with a loud bang, causing her to cringe. She walked out slowly, cautiously glancing around before her gaze settled on a silver haired young woman who wore a pair of familiar baggy denim jeans and no shirt.


5 minutes earlier.

Concerned for his friend, Jason pounded on the restroom stall door, calling out to his isolated Expo buddy. “Andy, what's wrong?”

Jason felt a burning sensation on his chest that spread to the rest of his body so quickly that he was torn between clenching his chest or rubbing every other part of his body furiously to relive the almost bee-sting consistency of the sensations. Meanwhile, his body frame lost several inches, possibly an entire foot of his height as his bone structure consolidated to a very petite composition, off-set by his semi-athletic muscles, which suffered something along the lines of instant muscle atrophy. His thick, light-brown hair grew to his chin and took on a white, silver-ish sheen as the fibers straighten. His eyes remained the same color, but his facial features shrunk as his eyelashes grew to accentuate the vibrant colors of his eyes, which now looked comparatively bigger than before.

The intense burning sensation that had originated in his chest had only grown in intensity, forcing Jason to pull off his shirt as his nipples became erect. Had he not become instantly distracted by the next stage of the transformation, he would've noticed that his red Fairy Tail guild mark had disappeared.

Like a muffin tray full of batter in a heated oven, two soft, rather-ample mammary gland sprang forth on Jason's girlified chest, causing his eyes to widen in both wonder and horror, only to become distracted as his waist cinched inwards and his hips jutted outwards, followed by a somewhat-unpleasant snap in his back, forcing it into an arched posture. His rear increased in mass, making it easier to balance the new center of gravity which had his breasts been any bigger, would have literally made him fall over.

Jason gasped, noticing his new, higher-octave voice for the first time as his “man package” receded and crossed the barrier into womanhood with an erotic slurp, followed by a series of shocking, foreign sensations flooded her senses, drowning out the pain that had all but disappeared as his hands and feet finished shrinking to match the petite arms and legs they were attached to.



The young woman looked up and turned her head towards Andrew. Her eyes widened in shock. “Andy?”

Andrew nodded his head. The two held each other’s gaze for a moment, trying to figure out what the hell had gone wrong…or maybe even right.
This piece is part of an Art Trade between myself and :iconjanusdaguardian:. In this story our characters attend an anime convention and get a little more than they bargained for.
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To be fair, this particular story was meant to be composed of more than one part. Janus and I just got so caught up in our lives that we never got around to constructing another part. 
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Almost three hours later and I finally got to read this story.  You've done an excellent job with this story and featured a lot of popular anime.  Within this story you probably went through 5 times as much anime merchandise as I own.  Also I guess that Spawnfan was manning the Ranma 1/2 booth because I noticed that one of his early sequences was mentioned as being at that booth.
AshTgFEM Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
As Janus said, that was indeed Spawnfan in the booth. I appreciate his work, and he was one of my primary inspirations to start writing TG stories, so we thought that a cameo was well deserved.
JanusDaDefender Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed. We decided to include him as a cameo, a little recognition and appreciation for his fantastic works in TG. :)  
mastercrazyh Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
great job!
AshTgFEM Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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