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Elysium 0.4.1: Litestep
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Published: February 13, 2008
Elysium 0.4.1

Well, Elysium is what I think should be the ultimate in useability for any user interface.
It has been designed from the ground up to be intuitive. Tabs like firefox/ie7 for your open tasks,
contextual custom start menu's (more on that later) a system info area and slick graphics.
Its a pretty simple and self explanatory theme.


You MUST propogate the start menus. This is done by going to the theme folder and putting your own
working shortcuts into the STARTMENU folder's subfolders. This is essentially building your own start
Also, you MUST add an evar for litestep called "burning" for the burning button to work.
I think thats about it.


*autohiding taskbar. When not in use it will slide out of view
*Nearly every transition is smooth and alphafaded.

This is an EARLY BETA of the LITESTEP THEME! it does NOT include the elysium windowblinds, which I
am still heavily developing.

-Winamp controls (though these will be toggled on/off as most people use cd cover art)
-Maybe desktop icons
-Whatever you suggest

Any suggestions for improvements please post them.

Hope you enjoy it!


P.S. INSTALL THE FONT! (in misc folder)

PPS: All my works are OPEN SOURCE! that means you can edit, modify, and redistribute as you like WITHOUT my permission so long as you mention me as the original author!
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love this skin..but ,after i reboot the system ,can't even change the skin (it's show me a black background,i know from others skins,but at this can even put again ) ,then the name of the shortcut's it's over those big icons (on the left part)..any sugestion ?thank you
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hey there is problem with start up menu and icon don't display
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this is a very elegant theme and thank you very much for it!
i only have one problem and no one has mentioned it before:
the cpu monitor is not working for me. it jumps between 0 and numbers > 1,000,000

i'm running Win 7 x64
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I love this very thx :p
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PawsOfSharpClawProfessional Digital Artist
hawooo!! ^^

Very nicely done :) *ad hoc change* ^^°
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Love the theme, but could anyone tell me how to removed the CPU, Ram and Time Online notification's in the bar. I wish to leave the date and time though.
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Ok, nevermind. I figured it out. Something so little made such a big difference.

*Label panel_main

In the theme.rc file, under *Label panel main, remove the "~" before the 3 and all your alignment issues will be solved.
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This is a really awesome theme, thanks. There's one thing I find a little irritating though, the start panel submenu is overlapping the main panel buttons, can't click on them this way. The submenu needs to be shifted over to the right. I would do it myself but I can't find any X and Y coordinates for the submenu in the theme.rc. Please help!
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dirtysunshineHobbyist General Artist
hmm my start bar won't work :(
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i just can't get the taskbar to work properly. I'm using a 1280x1024 resolution.
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i meant the start menu.
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nvm fixed it. Gr8 theme ;)
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Love it, great theme. Thanks!
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nevermind i fixed it :D

again very nice ;)
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i really like this, its sweet!

the only problem is that the text on the menus at the bottom are far to the left.. over the icons
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man how do i install this? for windowsblind?
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ok the fix is this

;---------Font Settings------------------

there is a setting at

set it to

and that fixed it fo me
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but i also get the same prob as biechel fixed if i use a smaller resolustion just need to find out how to move the text and pic more to the right and that should fix it ill play around and see if theres a fix and post it here
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best theme EVA !!!!
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jackstersonHobbyist General Artist
None of the text lines up with the menus that i click on the bottom left. Also, when are you going to update this? If ever?
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Looks nice..but can't get it working..
I rename the zip file into lsz file and clicked it and it seemed installed, but strangely it's not listed in the theme's list..
Sorry but i'm only a litestep beginner :)
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i love this skin, it's great!! ^.^

but i have one big problem
this: [link]

how can i fix this??
i hope someone can help me
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